3 5/8" Poly Balustrade

The 3 5/8″ Polyurethane railing system, or balustrade, is the ideal size for small to mid-size porches.  It’s also a great system for deck railings, when a nicer look than standard wood deck rail is desired.  Sometimes called composite railing, our urethane rail will not rot, warp or crack.  For quick planning, expect around $110 per linear foot for top & bottom rail and 2 1/2″ spindles, plus any newel posts needed.

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As with all our Polyurethane railing systems, the 3 5/8″ composite railing is available in 8, 10, and 12′ lengths.  The 2 1/2″ turned urethane spindle is the centerpiece of this balustrade.  This is the size to use on small to mid-size porches and decks.  It has a fancy, yet modest look that will not over power the exterior of a home or porch.

Our composite rail is designed to be easy to install, which appeals to many builders and installers.  Polyurethane railing cuts much like wood, and the same tools will work.  See our Installation Instructions for specifics on your composite railing installation.

Often when people refer to “composite railing”, they are referring to a combination wood/synthetic material.  This balustrade is made of High Density Polyurethane, which is a foam product with a density similar to that of a softwood such as cedar or pine.  This is what gives our synthetic balustrade the natural look and and warm feel that homeowners want.