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A fancier post than the plain square. This low maintenance recessed panel newel post has the paneled design only on the sides that will not be attached to rail.


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A Polyurethane Recessed Panel Newel Post is a synthetic alternative to the traditional paneled wood post. Polyurethane newels look and feel much like wood, with crisp, clean lines and a warm feel. Just like our large Cedar newel posts, this porch newel post has a hollow center which allows for our Newel Installation Kit which is very strong and completely hidden.  All our Polyurethane products are factory primed and ready for installation and paint.

48″ High.  Can be cut to desired length if needed.  Cut poly newels just as you would cut wood.  The bottom smooth square portion is 9″ taller than the top square portion.  Up to 9 inches can be cut from the base of the newel, meaning the minimum standard height for this newel is 39″.  If you need a newel shorter than 39″, we can produce them shorter at the factory.  Call for pricing.

Plan Types:
S: Straight rail application.  Has panels on 2 opposite sides, plain on other 2 opposite sides
C: Corner rail application.  Has panels on 2 adjacent sides, plain on other 2 adjacent sides
E: End rail application.  Has panels on 3 sides, plain on 1 side.

IF ORDERING BALLTOP FINIALS – order at least one size smaller than the newel post size.  For example, the max balltop size for an 8″ newel is a 7″ balltop.  Otherwise the balltop will not fit on the flat cap.

Poly newels are reinforced with an internal PVC pipe. They are structural for guardrail purposes, but also can be used as a decorative wrap around an existing structural member. Click the “Poly Newel Internal Pipe Sizes PDF” below for drawings showing the pipe sizes. Using the Recessed Panel Newels, you’ll need to use the 12″ Newel for a wrap around a 4×4 or 6×6.  Smooth Square Newels and Raised Panel Newels have larger inside diameters and sometimes work better as a wrap.

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4″ Ball Rule: To meet most building code regulations, a 4″ ball can’t pass through the widest opening between balusters.  Purchaser must check for system suitability in their area.  American Porch, LLC. makes no guarantee of suitability on any specific application.

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Proudly Made in the USA.

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Polyurethane Product Material

Our “poly” products are made from environmentally friendly water-based High Density Polyurethane (also called urethane, HDP, or simply Poly).  The material is similar in density to a softwood such as white pine.  Unlike PVC or Vinyl, our Poly material looks and feels like authentic wood.  Each pattern is made to exacting dimensions by our staff of Master Patternmakers.  The edges of American Porch polyurethane balustrade products are sharp, clean, and offer the true authentic look and feel of wood.  It comes factory primed with a high emulsion latex paint that can be finish coated with any high quality exterior latex paint.

Polyurethane spindles are reinforced with an internal PVC pipe for strength and rigitity.  The rails are reinforced with either a PVC or Aluminum pipe.  Cut our Poly spindles and PVC-reinforced rails using normal woodworking techniques.  For rails with an internal aluminum pipe, a slow speed cutoff saw, a.k.a. multi-cutter, works best.

While many of our customers prefer the authenticity of wood, there is no question that urethane products have a few advantages.  Urethane is very low maintenance. The paint is chemically bonded during the molding process which prevents cracking and peeling. An additional primer is applied before shipping all orders. Urethane will not take on moisture, which allows it to withstand the environmental elements. It will not rot and is impervious to insects. Urethane simulates wood, is structurally sound and is the perfect enhancement for any of your building or remodeling projects.

American Porch polyurethane balustrade products are made here in the USA.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I install the newels?
We recommend using our optional Newel Installation Kit.  The Kit utilizes a threaded rod inside the newel that holds it from the top-down, with no fasteners showing.

How are the rails attached to newels/columns?
Use our Railing Hardware Kit, one per section of rail.

How much does shipping cost?
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How long will my order take?
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Still have questions?  Email us at [email protected] or call 888-459-9965 and we’ll be glad to help with your project.


Polyurethane Balustrade Installation Instructions

Care and Finishing of Poly Balustrade

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