3 1/2″ Poly Spindle


3 1/2″ Synthetic Porch Spindles are the best selling size, and for good reason.  Beautiful, architecturally correct, low-maintenance alternative that retains the look and feel of wood.


3 1/2″ wide porch spindles are far and away our best selling option.  Their robust size and curvy look will be the centerpiece of your porch balustrade, and your neighborhood for that matter.  Appropriate for even the largest of homes, they also look great on mid-size and even smaller porches.

Actual Size: 3 1/2″ wide.  Both the 26″ and 32″ length have the same 15″ turned portion.  Use with 5 1/2″ Poly Rail System.

Polyurethane Synthetic Porch Spindles (Balusters).  Sometimes called urethane, High Density Polyurethane, HDP, or composite.  Reinforced with an internal pipe for strength and rigidity.  Cut our Poly spindles using normal woodworking techniques.  These are also available in wood.

Spacing & Quantity: To meet the 4″ ball rule required by most building codes, space these spindles according to the following On Center spacing:
Revival: 5 1/2″ O.C.
Victorian: 5 3/4″ O.C.
Classic: 6″ O.C.
Using the above spacing, you’ll have a 3 7/8″ gap between them at the narrowest portion.

What height of synthetic porch spindles do I need?
Using our 5 1/2″ Top and Bottom Rails with a 2-4″ toe space, the following rail heights will result:
20″ Porch Spindle: 30″ – 32″ (commonly used for decorative or historic railings)
26″ Porch Spindle: 36″ – 38″ (commonly used to meet residential codes)
32″ Porch Spindle: 42″ – 48″ (commonly used to meet commercial codes)

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