Synthetic Spindles / Balusters

Polyurethane balusters for railing are an excellent choice for a low-maintenance porch rail.  Many customers choose these synthetic balusters when it will be very exposed to weather, where rotting, warping, & cracking would otherwise be a concern. Urethane millwork closely mimics wood in look and feel. Unlike other synthetics, it has nice crisp details and lines.

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For those that want a traditional looking porch railing but are concerned about using natural wood, we provide polyurethane balusters for railing.  We do not use PVC or Vinyl for our balusters.  Those materials look and feel like plastic on your porch.  That’s because they are, well, plastic!  High density Polyurethane millwork is similar in density to a softwood such as Cedar or Pine.  This gives it that warm familiar feel of a traditional wood spindle, but without the concerns associated with wood.

Weight can also be an issue when you’re dealing with very large balusters.  Polyurethane balusters are fairly lightweight, even in the large 5 1/4″ and 7 1/2″ wide sizes.  For this reason, our Polyurethane Balusters are often used on rooftop railings such as a portico, widow’s walk, covered porch, and decorative balustrades on large commercial buildings.

Our high density polyurethane balusters are proprietary designs that are architecturally correct, and have been used on many historic homes and buildings all over the country.  They were developed in-house by our professionals and are available only through Western Spindle.

Because it so closely mimics wood, many historic communities and districts have approved our synthetic spindles and balusters for use in historic porch balustrades.

You’ll sometimes hear polyurethane balusters referred to as Fypon balusters.  Fypon is a brand name of polyurethane.  They are probably the largest brand, but have been bought and sold by big corporations and have outsourced production to China.  We make all our polyurethane products in the USA, which gives us better quality control and more consistent lead times.