Post Caps / Finials

These exterior post caps are specifically designed and sized for our Porch Newel Posts.  Available in both traditional Cedar and synthetic Polyurethane.  The Cedar caps have a small trim piece around the bottom that allows the cap to slip down over the newel post.  The Polyurethane Newel Post Caps simply sit on top of the post.

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Because most of our newel posts are hollow, these post caps are essential.  The Cedar post caps come in either the 6″ or 8″ post size.  The Polyurethane post caps come in sizes from the 4″ post size, all the way up to the massive 12″ newel post size.  Note that you can use Polyurethane caps on wood posts.  In fact, for the 12″ Raised Panel wood newel post, you’ll need to use Polyurethane.

If you plan on using a balltop or decorative finial, you’ll need to order a flat polyurethane post cap.  The cedar post caps have a flat that will accommodate a finial.

The polyurethane material closely mimics wood in its feel and look.  It is a good choice for a post cap because it will not warp, split, or crack, even when high exposed to the elements such as post caps often are.

These exterior newel post caps can simply be attached with adhesive, brad nails, or both.