7 1/4" Poly Balustrade

The 7 1/4″ Polyurethane Balustrades are a popular choice for projects that require a large and robust synthetic porch rail system.  This railing size is often used on larger homes as well as commercial buildings.  The 5 1/4″ turned baluster has a very stately look, and works perfectly with this rail size. For quick planning, expect around $210 per linear foot for top & bottom rail and 5 1/4″ spindles, plus any newel posts needed.

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Having trouble visualizing how these items go together?  Download the Porch Rail Design Options PDF.  It shows you the assembled balustrades with all the different option combinations.

Our 7 1/4″ Polyurethane Balustrades are found on large homes and commercial buildings throughout North America.  It is a very stately railing that goes well in the place of cast balusters and railing.  In fact, this urethane system is often used instead of cast because it is so much lighter.  This is an important consideration when the project calls for a railing on the roof of a covered porch, or as a widow’s walk rooftop railing.

Polyurethane balustrades are designed to closely mimic the look and feel of wood railings.  This is done with a synthetic material that has a density similar to a softwood such as cedar or pine.  And it is molded with crisp, clean lines that resemble turned or milled wood products.  The result is a best-of-both-worlds material that has an authentic look and feel, but is very low maintenance and will not rot.  The 7 1/4″ size of polyurethane balustrade is also a very cost-effective system, given the large size and quality.

You’ll sometimes hear polyurethane balustrades referred to as Fypon balustrade.  Fypon is a brand name of polyurethane.  They are probably the largest brand, but have been bought and sold by big corporations and have outsourced production to China.  We make all our polyurethane products in the USA, which gives us better quality control and more consistent lead times.