Western Spindle changes name to American Porch

American Porch – the new name of Western Spindle!

We are excited to announce a new name for our company: American Porch LLC (formerly Western Spindle LLC).  The company is still owned, managed, and operated by the same people.  We will continue to make and sell the same product line.  As always, your designs, files, and order history are still here for your use on current and future projects.

When we started this company 15 years ago, the Western Spindle name was representative of our then-current business.  It was a simple product line of custom porch spindles, for which there was an obvious need in the marketplace.  It made sense.

However there have been many changes and improvements in those 15 years.  Our architect, builder, and homeowner customers told us they wanted more.  You want “one stop shopping” when it comes to a porch remodel or new construction.  Additionally, we became aware that there were huge gaps in what the marketplace had to offer for exterior architectural details, both in wood and man-made materials.  We found there was need for improvement in the design and availability of other porch products.  This was especially true of railing, newel posts and other balustrade-related items such as columns.  That led to our development of several lines of architectural details focused on the American Porch.

Fast-forward a decade and a half, and we found our old company name wanting.  So here we are.  After much research and deliberation, we’re extremely pleased with the decision to change the name.  The people at American Porch LLC will continue to provide the fastest, easiest, and best architectural details to all 50 states and Canada.

Now for the “housekeeping” part

You’ll notice very little that changes except the name itself.  Our website, www.AmericanPorch.com is the same website as what you’re used to.  The site architecture and look remain exactly the same.  All the old links and bookmarks will still work and will redirect to the new domain.  Also you’ll notice all our company emails will reflect the new name.  For example [email protected] will now be [email protected].  Like the website, all emails will forward to the new, so there should be no missed communication.

For architects specifying our products in your plans, the product line and part numbers remain exactly the same.  We have updated our 3-part specs with the new name.  The specifications can still be downloaded any time.

We appreciate your understanding as we try to go through this process as efficiently as possible.  And we hope you’re as excited as we are about the next chapter in the story of the American Porch!