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This page answers common questions related to ordering porch railing.  For WARRANTY, TERMS, CANCELLATION POLICY, & RETURNS, please click CUSTOMER SERVICE.
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Payment Information

We accept all credit cards, checks, ACH wire transfers, cash, money order, cashiers check, or a good saddle horse.  PayPal is not accepted.

Terms: 50% down to place the order, and 100% due before product shipment.
We produce orders in line according to payment date so remember to call with your payment early, especially during the peak summer season.

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How do I care for my millwork when it arrives?

  • Always keep in mind that your new millwork is good old fashioned natural wood and needs to be handled accordingly.
  • Although we use only “dried” wood, it still contains between 5% and 15% moisture. All woods eventually assume the moisture of the environment in which they are stored. Problems arise when the moisture content changes too quickly. Protect it from very wet or (especially) very dry environments.
  • Never store unpainted millwork in direct sunlight, even for a few hours. This will invariably dry the wood rapidly which causes checking (small cracks between the grain). In extreme cases it can cause splitting.  Primer on wood and poly products will oxidize in direct sunlight which will cause problems with paint adhesion.  Paint must be applied within 30 days of exposure to avoid this issue.

What type of hardware should I use when I build?

We recommend using only high quality, exterior grade coated steel or aluminum hardware for your porch. These products will resist rust, corrosion, staining, discoloration, and bleeding. You’ve invested the time, money, and energy in seeking the absolute best products from American Porch; take care with the building phase and make the most of that beautiful porch.

Save a trip to the hardware store!  Click HARDWARE to purchase from our online store.  Buy your hardware with the rest of your porch products and save on shipping.

What types of finishes should I use on my new millwork?

  • Always use high quality water-based primers and paints (or stains and top coats as your project may entail) on all surfaces, including ends.
  • Specific to wood products: Do not neglect the ends of your millwork. The end grain gains and loses moisture more readily than the side of the grain and needs to be protected. If you plan on putting a top coat on after the project is put together, then make sure to apply the primer before building.
  • Go to your local professional paint store for the best advice and products. These types of places often have more knowledgeable help and higher end products than the big box stores. You will pay a little more than you would at the big home improvement centers but a little extra investment up front will pay off in the decades to come.


S.H. of Camden, SC writes “American Porch came through on quality and price the way others couldn’t, even my local supplier. It can be a challenge to restore an older home but the spindles and railings pre-primed were perfect for this older c1920 home.”