Synthetic Railing

Polyurethane Baluster Railing is available in 8, 10, and 12′ lengths. Looks and feels much like wood, but will not rot, warp or crack.  Polyurethane baluster railing is especially ideal for locations that are very exposed to the weather, and also for larger balustrades that feature 7 1/4″ or even 12″ wide rail.

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Our Polyurethane Baluster Railing is made of a high density foam that is similar in density to a softwood such as Cedar or Pine.  This is what give our synthetic rail it’s wood-like feel and warmth.

As with all exterior balustrades, you’ll want to include a Support Block under your bottom rail for those sections that exceed 5′ in length.  We recommend two support blocks if you plan on using a full length 12′ rail section.  If you need a length longer than 12′, we strongly recommend the addition of two newel posts.  We say two, because one in the center often has an odd look with the newel being the focus.  Instead, breaking the run into three sections will maintain a nice architecturally correct look.

Each porch rail has an internal PVC pipe that helps give it rigidity.  Our polyurethane baluster railing has been tested for strength in a “worst case scenario” and found to be compliant with applicable building codes.

All our polyurethane balustrade products come pre-primed from our factory, and are ready to install.  Apply a top coat of paint after installation, and within 30 days.  Your polyurethane balustrade railing will require very minimal maintenance because it does not rot, doesn’t soak up water, and is very stable.

You’ll sometimes hear polyurethane porch railing referred to as Fypon railing.  Fypon is a brand name of polyurethane.  They are probably the largest brand, but have been bought and sold by big corporations and have outsourced production to China.  We make all our polyurethane products in the USA, which gives us better quality control and more consistent lead times.

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