7 1/4″ Poly Rail


This large front porch railing is ideal for larger homes and commercial buildings.  This balustrade railing is typically used with our 5 1/4″ Balusters.


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This front porch railing is an excellent low maintenance synthetic porch rail.  It looks and feels very much like wood, but will not rot.  Contains an internal PVC pipe for strength & rigidity.  Cut to length just as you would a wood rail.  Support Blocks should be used every 48″ or at mid-span.  Use this balustrade railing with our 4 1/2″ or 5 1/4″ Poly Spindles

Optional Rail Installation Hardware:  ONLY 1 KIT NEEDED FOR EACH SECTION OF TOP & BOTTOM RAIL.  Example: If you select a Kit for the top rail, then DO NOT select another for the bottom rail.  Includes necessary brackets and fasteners to attach your rails to a newel, column, or wall. For hollow columns such as our FRP columns, you may also need to use toggle bolts (not included).

This front porch railing can be custom curved to any radius for stairs or flat balconies.  Read THIS ARTICLE on how to measure for curved rail, then email or call for a quote.

This 7 1/4″ front porch railing is also available with goosenecks.  Call for a quote.

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