5 1/4″ Poly Spindle


A very popular outdoor baluster size, perfect for large stately homes and commercial buildings.


Large low maintenance outdoor balusters.  This size is very popular for large homes, hotels, resorts, and commercial buildings.

Actual Width: 5 1/4″.  It has the same 16″ turned portion on all baluster lengths.  Recommended On Center spacing is 6 7/8″.  Use with 7 1/4″ Polyurethane Rail System.

Outdoor Balusters are reinforced with an internal PVC pipe for strength and rigidity.  Cut our outdoor balusters using normal woodworking techniques.

What height of baluster do I need?

Using our 7 1/4″ Top and Bottom Rails with a 2-4″ toe space, the following rail heights will result:
19″ Baluster: 32″ – 34″ (commonly used for historic and/or decorative railing)
22″ Baluster: 35″ – 37″ (commonly used to meet residential codes)
24″ Baluster: 37″ – 39″ (commonly used for residential stair rails)
27″ Baluster: 40″ – 42″ (commonly used to meet commercial codes)
35″ Baluster: 48″ – 50″ (commonly used for commercial stair rails)

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