1 3/4″ Square Baluster, Poly


A synthetic alternative to the standard wood square baluster.  These “composite” deck balusters are more robust than a typical 2×2, which often measures 1 3/8″.  A great low maintenance deck baluster.


Sometimes called Composite Deck Balusters.  Actual Width: 1 3/4″.  Specify length.  Recommended On Center spacing is 5 1/2″.  Use with 3 5/8″ Polyurethane Rail Systems

Composite Deck Balusters are reinforced with an internal PVC pipe for strength and rigidity.  Cut our Composite Deck Balusters using normal woodworking techniques.

What height of composite baluster do I need?
Using our 3 5/8″ Top and Bottom Rails with a 2″ to 4″ toe space, the following rail heights will result:
16″ Spindle: 24 1/8″ – 26 1/8″ (commonly used for decorative railing)
22″ Spindle: 30 1/8″ – 32 1/8″ (commonly used for historic and/or decorative railing)
24″ Spindle: 32 1/8″ – 34 1/8″
28″ Spindle: 34 1/8″ – 36 1/8″ (commonly used to meet residential codes)
32″ Spindle: 40 1/8″ – 42 1/8″ (commonly used to meet commercial codes)
36″ Spindle: 44 1/8″ – 46 1/8″

A small square baluster is very common on porches throughout North America.  These deck balusters are a little more robust than your average Chinese-made balusters found in the big box stores.  The result is a more substantial, robust-looking porch or deck that will stand out in your neighborhood.  And because they are made out of a low maintenance and rot resistant material, you’ll enjoy them for many years to come.

How do these compare with PVC balusters?  Our poly composite balusters look and feel much more like a real architectural product than PVC balusters.  PVC feels like plastic because, well, it’s plastic.  The molded polyurethane material has a similar density to a softwood such as cedar or pine, giving these balusters a better look and feel.

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