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Your company has been a life saver for me. I will be making another order today for two more post. I deal with historic homes, and it has been wonderful ordering wooden material that keeps the home looking in its historic nature. Thank you once again.

6″ Tuscan Newel Post for S.C. of Bellevue, NE
November 1, 2023;

The spindles did the trick.  My carpenter was able to install them quickly and complete the projects.  I’ll send some photos later today.

Entryway Porch Spindles for M.R. of Seattle, WA
February 24, 2023;

The columns are great, and the homeowners love them.  I’m very happy with the entire transaction, you were a pleasure to deal with and the delivery was right on time. Thank you for your help

Tuscan Columns for M.A. of Lynchburg, VA
February 21, 2023;

Thanks so much for checking in!  The materials arrived in fine condition and the finished railing is perfect!!  It makes me want to replace all the spindles on the front porch!  The spindles look authentic as they have more heft than the replacement ones that were replaced many years ago!!  We will certainly turn to you if we decide on another project.  I especially appreciate your patience and responsiveness!  So if you ever need a reference I’d be happy to oblige!!  It is dusk and cloudy so no photo today.  I’ll try to remember to get one when the sun comes back!!

Replacement Railings for S.R. of Saratoga Springs, NY
February 20, 2023;

Everything came out great.  The [railing spindles] arrived in good condition.  We installed and painted.  Homeowner loves them.  Thank you for everything.  Have a great day. -C.

railing spindles

Railing spindles for C.A. of Brookfield, CT
February 16, 2023;

Good to hear that your company follows up.  In this day, that is unusual.  The porch spindles were perfect, matched the original ones.  We have replaced the damaged ones and have a few left for the future. Thanks again for being such a great company.

S.F. of Bull Head City, AZ
February 10, 2023;


Farmhouse style porch railing

P.C. here, just sent some pics of our dorms and a business office that we used your product on. Both times everything came undamaged and was very good to use and install. We will definitely be using your products in the future. Hope you like the pics , use them if you like.

Porch Railings, CT School for P.C. of Lakeville, CT
February 9, 2023;

I meant to send this off a bit ago, but work has been crazy the past couple weeks. I received all posts and spindles in perfect condition, and I must say they are beyond gorgeous – especially the four custom posts. Both the person who will re-build my porch and I were blown away by the craftsmanship of all the products! Thank you again so much for all your help, and next spring I will post comments and pictures on your website. Take care and happy holidays!

V.S. of Sherbrooke, QC Canada
December 21, 2022;

Thank you for reaching out! The best part about the process was working with you. You were so patient and kind and helpful. I hope your company pays you well, because you deserve it! We received everything in good condition except for 1 to 2 pieces (from what I remember). But you all credited our account for the damaged pieces. The gentlemen who installed the railings above our front porch probably weren’t the best people for the job but at least it looks good! Here’s a picture to show the finished project: Hope you have a blessed holiday!

balcony railing ideas

Railings Above Front Porch of Jonesborough, TN
December 20, 2022;

The replacement columns were perfect, and my contractor got them installed, but before we could finish the whole porch project, I got a great offer for the house. So I sold it!! The new columns were so close in color to the paint on the old ones, I hadn’t even painted them yet. And I’m not sure if the new owners even noticed. So my porch column project is done! Thanks for everything. You guys were great to work with. I’ll recommend you if I run into anyone who needs your stuff!!”

Columns for B.S. of St. Augustine, FL
November 29, 2022;

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