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Fiber-reinforced Polymer columns have a stone-like feel, are load bearing, and will not rot.


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Often called a fiberglass column, these are manufactured as one piece from fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP).  Weatherproof, insect-proof, rot-proof, virtually maintenance free, pound for pound stronger than concrete, steel, or aluminum.  This is the premier option for columns.  Works great with either wood or synthetic balustrades.  Interior or exterior use.  Use acrylic-latex primer and paint for best results.  Whole columns are load bearing.  See capacity chart below.  Tapered shafts have a modified architectural entasis, with a Tuscan style astragal for authentic styling.  This creates a very visually appealing and architecturally correct look.

SPLIT COLUMNS: split/reassembled fiberglass column are NOT load bearing.  Can be used around a supporting post.  Optional Reassembly Kit available for those ordering split columns to be reassembled around an existing member.  Includes necessary ties, spacers, and filler.  Two kits are required or columns 14′ high and taller.  No warranty provided on split columns.

Tuscan cap is polyurethane, base is FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer).
Other cap/base styles available, i.e. Attic, Doric, Corinthian, Scamozzi, etc., call for quote.

Column Installation Kit: Contains hardware to install round and square FRP columns in just about any application.  Brackets are bolted to the column, then Tapcon screws attache the top brackets to the ceiling/soffit.  Kit includes full instructions on installing FRP columns.  If you are attaching wood railing to a round column, you’ll want to look at the Wood Rail to Round Column Hardware Kit.

Craftsman Pedestals available for these round tapered columns.  Matching square and non-tapered columns available.

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Manufactured as one piece from fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) by Turncraft.  Weatherproof, insect-proof, rot-proof.  Virtually maintenance free.  Impervious to termite and carpenter ant attack as well as staining and decaying fungi.  High-humidity environments have no effect on these nonporous, waterproof columns.  Use acrylic-latex primer and paint for best results.

Tuscan cap is polyurethane, base is FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer).  Other cap/base styles available.

Poly-Classic and DuraStone column shafts are manufactured of one-piece rotocast fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) with marble dust. Turncraft’s proprietary method of manufacturing column shafts is patented, with patents applied for on the DuraStone pre-colored, textured column process and materials. This one-piece construction, combined with the inherent strength of FRP (pound for pound, FRP is stronger than concrete, steel, or aluminum), provides an exceptionally high
load-bearing capacity, and a column that is impervious to rot, decay and insect damage. Unlike wood columns, the nonporous, waterproof shafts can be used as channels for downspouts, wiring, and plumbing.

Turncraft’s FRP and DuraStone columns include Flame Guard™, and were the first in the industry to pass the ASTME, 84-01 Class 1 Flame-Spread Classification tests, achieving a Flame Spread index of 15, and Smoke Developed Index of 335, well below the allowable SDI index of 450.

Six-inch through twelve-inch diameter (up to twelve foot in height) standard FRP shafts are factory sanded. Larger shafts (and square shafts) may require field-sanding prior to installation. All shafts are shipped unfinished, and Turncraft recommends finishing with a high quality 100% acrylic latex primer and paint.

8″ Round Tapered Column estimated weight, plain/fluted, packaged for shipment:
5’0″: 40 lbs
6’0″: 47 lbs
8’0″: 55 lbs

Poly-Classic FRP Specifications
Download PDF: Test Results:Flame Guard


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use these synthetic columns with wood balustrades? Synthetic (poly) balustrades?
Yes and yes!  These columns work equally well for wood and synthetic balustrades.  By far our best-selling setup is synthetic (FRP) columns together with Cedar balustrades (spindles and railings).

Does FRP (Poly-Classic) product require painting?
Yes.  All shafts are shipped unfinished, and we recommend finishing FRP columns with a high quality 100% acrylic latex primer and paint.

Are other Capitals & Bases available, besides the Tuscan style?
Yes.  If other styles of caps/bases are desired, then order the column shafts without them and add the desired caps/bases to your shopping cart separately.

How much do these columns weigh?
8″ Round Tapered Column estimated weight in pounds, plain/fluted, including packaging for shipment:
5’0″: 44
6’0″: 50
8’0″: 62/72
9’0″: 70/80
10’0″: 74/87

How much does shipping cost?
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How long will my order take?
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What should I do if my order arrives damaged?
All our shipments are insured for the full value of the product.  In the rare event any damage has occurred to the crate or boxes, PLEASE ACCEPT DAMAGED SHIPMENTS. This is very important, as a damage claim will be very difficult to pursue otherwise.  Make sure to note the damage on the deliver receipt before the driver leaves.

Still have questions?  Email us at [email protected] or call 888-459-9965 and we’ll be glad to help with your project.


Download PDF: Poly-Classic FRP Specifications
Download PDF: TimeSaver Cap & Base
Download PDF: Installation Instructions ABS Cap & Base
Download PDF: General Installation Instructions
Download PDF: Attaching Railing to Poly-Classic Columns
Download PDF: Instructions for Reassembling Split Columns
Download PDF: Installing Split Columns as Pilasters
Download PDF: Warranty
Download PDF: Full PolyClassic FRP Column Catalog

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