10″ Round Tapered Column


Fiber-reinforced polymer interior and exterior 10 inch columns.

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Our 10″ round tapered synthetic columns are made from fiber-reinforced polymer. They are weatherproof, insect-proof, and rot-proof. Virtually maintenance free. Infused with marble dust, they have a stone-like feel and look like traditional classical column design style. These columns are hollow so they can be used as a decorative wrap if needed. And yet they feel and sound solid because of the hard dense nature of the exterior column material.

Pound for pound they are stronger than concrete, steel, or aluminum.  This is the premier option for exterior columns.  Works great with either wood or synthetic balustrades.  Interior or exterior use.  Use acrylic-latex primer and paint for best results.  Whole columns are load bearing.  See capacity chart below.  Round tapered shafts have a modified architectural entasis, with a Tuscan style astragal for authentic styling.  This creates a very visually appealing look.  (Click here for a further discussion on entasis taper)

Split Exterior Columns:

Split/reassembled exterior columns are NOT load bearing.  The idea of a split column is that it can be used around a supporting post, or as a pilaster against a wall.  Optional Reassembly Kit available for those ordering split columns to be reassembled around an existing member.  Includes necessary ties, spacers, and filler.  Two kits are required or columns 14′ high and taller.  No warranty provided on split columns.

Fluted Exterior Columns:

The 10″ exterior column is available with “standard flutes” on the 8′, 9′, 10′ and 12′ lengths.  There is 10 1/4″ of smooth shaft at the bottom before the flutes begin.  The total height of the Tuscan Base is 5 1/4″ high, therefore the standard fluted columns can be trimmed on the bottom as much as 4″ without getting into the flutes.  The total height of the Attic Base is 6 1/4″ high, therefore the standard fluted columns can be trimmed on the bottom as much as 3″ without getting into the flutes.  Custom fluting is available for projects that require column heights that do not fall into those specs.  (Click here for a further discussion on standard vs. custom flute)

Exterior Column Capitals and Bases:

Bases are Fiberglass Polymer (same material as the column shaft).  Capitals are High Density Polyurethane foam.
All Caps and Bases (except ornamental capitals) install around the shaft and do not affect the overall installed height.
Other cap/base styles available, i.e. Attic, Doric, Corinthian, Scamozzi, etc., call for quote.

Every Column Shaft includes a Column Installation Kit.  The Install Kit contains hardware to install round and square FRP columns in just about any application.  Brackets are bolted to the column, then Tapcon screws attache the top brackets to the ceiling/soffit.  Kit includes full instructions on installing FRP columns.  If you are attaching wood railing to a round column, you’ll want to look at the Wood Rail to Round Column Hardware Kit.

Craftsman Pedestals available for these round tapered columns.  Matching square and non-tapered columns available.

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For exact specs, load capacities, inside/outside dimensions, cap/base specs, & more, click Specifications below.
Limited Lifetime Warranty – never replace your columns again!  Click Here for Warranty Information
Proudly Made in the USA.

Design your own column!  Click here to play with different column design ideas using our Column Builder. Select your column options and the program will produce a PDF drawing that you can view, download, and print.

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