1 5/8″ Square Baluster


Simple and timeless, this square wood baluster is much higher quality than found at lumber yards or home centers.


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NEW LARGER WIDTH (up from 1 3/8″).  These 1 5/8″ wide square wood balusters are very popular for higher end decks and smaller porches.  Of much higher quality than what you’ll find at the hardware store, these are a stain-grade (but also paint-able) wood baluster and Made in America.  Thicker and more robust than the typical 1 3/8″ square wood balusters you typically see at lumber yards.

Actual Width: 1 5/8″.  Specify length.  Bottom notch option reduces length by 1/8″.

Use with our 4″ Porch Rail System

Spacing & Quantity: To meet the 4″ ball rule required by most building codes, space these spindles every 5 1/2″ On Center.  That will leave a 3 7/8″ gap between them.

Premium acrylic primer in flat white available as an option, which allows for immediate installation.  Expect some blemishes in the primer from shipping.  This is normal and will not affect the finished result when painted after installation.

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Proudly Made in the USA.

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Our woodwork is stronger and longer lasting than woodwork produced by others.  Why?  Because we use better materials

Western Cedar is a great outdoor use wood that has been the standard throughout the US for many decades.  Usually when people say simply “cedar”, this is the wood they are referring to.  It is highly resistant to decay and very beautiful, and we use only CLEAR Western Cedar so there are NO KNOTS.  You simply cannot find a better grade of wood (because it doesn’t exist)!  This results in very beautiful, and very stable millwork.  Our Western Cedar consists of both Western Red and Incense cedars.

Mahogany is an excellent choice for those wanting a hardwood product.  It machines to a smoother finish than Cedar, and of course is stronger, denser, and harder which means it will hold up to abuse better than most other materials.  It is an exceptionally beautiful wood that can be either painted or stained with great success.  Most pieces are a dark reddish-brown color.  And it’s highly rated for natural rot resistance, making it a good choice for exterior as well as for interior applications.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How far apart should they be spaced to meet building codes?
To comply with the “4-inch ball rule”, use the following rule of thumb for 1 5/8″ square balusters: every 5 1/2″ on center (which gives a 3 7/8″ space between them, ensuring building code compliance).

How many balusters do I need?
Take the length of your rail (in inches) and divide by 5.5″. (round down for decimal answers)
Example: 10′ of rail, which is 120″.  Take 120 divided by 5.5 = 21.8, so 21 balusters needed.

What height of baluster do I need?
See our Spindle Height Calculator.

How much does shipping cost?
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How long will my order take?
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Standard unprimed wood products : Usually ships within 2-5 business days.
Standard PRIMED wood products: Usually ships within 6-10 business days.
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How to install wood porch balusters and railing (video)

Still have questions?  Email us at [email protected] or call 888-459-9965 and we’ll be glad to help with your project.


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