Mahogany Fish Bat, Tire Thumper


This is a fun one! Real solid Mahogany fish bat. Hang one in your boat, and keep one in your car door panel (just in case).


A fish bat made of solid Mahogany with a leather lanyard. Actual dimensions: 1 3/4″ dia. x 18″ long. Mahogany is a medium-dense hardwood, making this fish bat not to light, and not too heavy. Mahogany is also very rot resistant, meaning it will hold up to the toughest environments such as salt water fishing. We have treated it with an outdoor oil stain which further protects it and beautifies it.

You’ll love the warm comfortable feel of this well balanced fish bat. It is much more comfortable to hold than aluminum or plastic bats. With the rich Mahogany grain, the dark red-brown color, and real leather lanyard, you won’t mind being seen with it too. The butt end has an over-sized button that keeps your hand from slipping while whacking. This also allows us to simply loop the leather lanyard on it, rather than drilling unsightly holes and causing weakness.

Hang one up in your boat, one in your cab, one in your car door, one under your mattress, one in your gym bag, and one more in your baby stroller.

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Proudly Made in the USA by American craftsmen.