Rail Installation Kit


Porch railing hardware makes for an easy & strong wood rail installation.


Type your Rise/Run if Stair Rail Kit


REDESIGNED, IMPROVED, AND STRENGTH TESTED.  This handy kit of Porch Rail Hardware is specifically designed for Porch Railing Systems by American Porch, however it may be used on other railings as well.  It includes all the brackets, screws, and bits of appropriate sizes to install one section of rail up to 11′ long.  The heart of this System is the aluminum angle brackets which fit neatly and discretely under the Subrail and Bottom Rail or Skirt.  Makes installation of our Porch Rail Systems a breeze while saving you trips to the hardware store.  Order one Kit for every section of rail.  This System has been tested and exceeds the load requirements for guard rail when used with our 4″ and 6″ class Porch Rail Systems.

Each porch rail hardware kit includes printed installation instructions.  You may also view our Wood Porch Railing Installation Video HERE.  If you are attaching your railing to a round column, you’ll want to look at the Wood Rail to Round Column Hardware Kit.

Specify whether you are ordering this for the 4″ OR 6″ Wood Railing Systems.

Stair rail kit brackets are custom made in our shop to your exact stair angle.  YOU MUST SPECIFY THE RISE/RUN OF YOUR STAIRS when ordering a stair rail kit.

IF CONNECTING RAIL TO A HOLLOW COLUMN such as our FRP columns or fiberglass: you’ll need to use toggle bolts (not included) to connect to this type of column.

Concerned about stair balusters and sloped bottom rail? Read this article: How To Cut Stair Balusters for Sloped Bottom Rail

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Proudly Made in the USA.


For Pros

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Designed for use with our exterior wood balustrade systems.

Exterior wood screws are ceramic coated steel, with advanced thread design to reduce the chance of cracking and splitting.  Bits of appropriate sizes are included for convenience.

Brackets are 3/16″ thick aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance.  In fact, they are so strong that the independent testing lab put 600 pounds of side load on a 12′ length of rail, and these kits held.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Installation Kits do I need?
One rail kit for each section of rail.

Is the kit the same for all different rail systems?
This kit is designed for use with all Western Spindle’s cedar rail systems.

Are installation instructions included?
Yes.  We will include Rail Installation Instructions with your order.

How much does shipping cost?
SHIPPING COST is displayed in shopping cart.  Enter Quantity and click “ADD TO CART”.

How do I cut spindles for the stairs using a Sloped Bottom Rail?
See article: How To Cut Stair Spindles for Sloped Bottom Rail

How long will my order take?
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How to install wood porch balusters and railing (video)

Still have questions?  Email us at [email protected] or call 888-459-9965 and we’ll be glad to help with your project.


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