I am a 15 year repeat customer. I have received nothing but great service and value from this company. The company owner emailed me personally to make sure I was totally satisfied. I recommend them and the product is 100%.

Anonymous of Repeat Customer
August 7, 2019;

Adam, hello! I’ve been meaning to send a note your way. The spindles are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! Now, if you can only make it stop snowing and reach above 38 degrees in Leadville, we’d be able to install and paint them. 🙂 Yes, winter has been longer than usual, but we can’t wait to move forward with the project now that we have spindles that match the others.

I did receive a review link via the American Porch email and I’ll definitely use it to provide a fantastic review. You have truly offered a way for the front of the house to look as lovely as it should. Many, many thanks for that. Stay tuned for an update once spring arrives!

Very best, R.W.

Custom Replacement Accent Spindles for R.W. of Leadville, CO
June 5, 2019;

We still have some trim work to do… but off to a good start. Looks great, see attachment. Nice picture of how the Sheridan VA project is going.

VA Hospital Porch Balustrade Replacement of Sheridan, WY
June 4, 2019;

I purchased 9 custom-turned porch posts, a couple hundred custom-turned spindles and railings from Western Spindle for a c.1900 wrap-around porch with balustrades and spandrels. The property is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Not only was the craftsmanship excellent, but the custom turnings and railings were designed based on an old photograph. The designs from the photo required a considerable effort – scaling sizes and details, and several dozen email exchanges to get it as right as possible. Western Spindle’s dedication to detail made the result nothing less than spectacular. Since installation, we have seen cars driving by and stopping to take pictures of the house.

Reproduction Balustrade for a National Registry of Historic Places Home, for A.Z. of Cambridge, MD
April 12, 2019;

Everything was really well made and as expected. One item I ordered broke in transit and they quickly and graciously sent a replacement at no cost. It arrived in perfect condition. Very pleased with the craftsmanship and service.

Exterior Balusters of
December 22, 2018;

I was contracted by an insurance company to rebuild a patio where the barbecue started a fire and caught the railings on fire. The railing was constructed with 4 inch spindles and I could not find them anywhere in the Vancouver BC area. Through the internet I found American Porch and shipped them a burnt sample of what was left of the railing. Within 2 weeks they shipped me 12 spindles which were identical cedar pieces and which were a fraction of the price if I was to have them turned in a wood working shop. The client was very happy and so was I.

Replace Damaged Porch Balusters for S.H. of Coquitlam, BC. Canada
November 5, 2018;

I live in Seattle WA. and was told by the local lumber yard about these folks. I was restoring a 105 year old railing and needed new custom parts, Western Spindle came thru without a hitch. Fantastic job at a fantastic price. Thanks for the great product you supplied. I am just getting around to installing it, but I have no doubts that it will be the crowning touch to the project. Thanks to you and yours for a job well done.

105 year old Railing Restoration for D.K. of Seattle, WA
October 29, 2018;

My home has a large amount of decorative woodwork such as railings and brackets that were wood. My dealings with Adam over the past three years have been very helpful in getting all these wooden moldings replaced with PVC [Polyurethane] material. He was always very helpful and everything I ordered was exactly what I expected and was in great shape. Would recommend this company to anyone looking to update their home with material that’s not going to rot.

Replacing Decorative Woodwork with Composite for J.G. of Springfield, TN
October 24, 2018;

Just a quick note: Contractor put the posts up, and every car that goes by slows down or stops to look, even though the front yard is littered with construction stuff and a dumpster.  Seems to me more cars go by than usual, it’s a small town, so word must have gotten around- new attraction to see.

Custom Porch Balustrade for A.Z. of Cambridge, MD
August 25, 2018;

This is a short note to thank you for the wonderful railing which we installed at our new house. You may remember us from the porch rail order about 15 months ago, just when we were having our baby. We had a lot of trouble with our builder but we replaced them with a new builder who was very good. We’re planning to move in next Saturday.

We got the spindle number exactly right, with just one to spare. It looks gorgeous and we’re very happy. So thank you for all that.

New Wrap Around Porch Railing for D.S. of Fulton, MD
June 24, 2018;

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