6" Wood Balustrade

All the exterior spindles, balusters, railing, newel posts and hardware needed to complete your 6″ Cedar Porch Railing. Our best selling wood balustrade system.  All the porch components you see listed below have been chosen as appropriate to be used together.  For quick planning, expect around $132 per linear foot for the 4-piece rail with either 2 1/2″ or 3 1/2″ spindles, plus any newel posts needed.

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Having trouble visualizing how these items go together?  Download the Porch Rail Design Options PDF.  It shows you the assembled railing kits with all the different option combinations.

This balustrade is sized around the width of the 6″ rail system.  It goes well with 2 1/2″ or 3 1/2″ wide spindles, and 6″, 8″ or 12″ Newel Posts.

The 6″, 4-piece Porch Rail System is the most popular.  It includes the Top Rail, Sub-rail, Bottom Rail, and what we call the Skirt (which goes immediately under the bottom rail).  This system adds 10″ of total height to the system (including a 3″ toe or kick space), making it ideal to use with our standard spindle heights.  For example, use with the 20″ spindle for a 30″ top rail height, common for historic reproductions.  Use with a 26″ spindle for a 36″ top rail height, the most common for modern residential porch railings.  Use a 32″ spindle for a 42″ top rail height, which is often used on commercial balustrades.

The 6″, 3-piece Porch Rail System is the second most popular.  It is identical to the 4-piece except does not include the skirt piece.  It adds 7″ of total height to the system including a 3″ toe space.  The subrail still allows for installation with no fasteners showing.

The 2-piece Porch Rail System is simply a top and bottom rail.

For newel posts on the 6″ rail systems, the 8″ Raised Panel Newel is a best seller.  It’s balanced size and beauty make it an ideal choice for most cedar porch railings.