After decades of building dream homes for others, it was finally time for this New Mexico builder to go to work on their personal home.  He worked with the architect to design this project and specified hardwood porch railing from American Porch, LLC.  We used Mahogany for the railing and turned balusters on the porch and gazebo.  The result is a true work of art:

Note that he is still working on some of the railings.  We have since shipped the railing to replace the cheesy iron railing on the second story.  More pictures to come when it’s finished (I hope!).

Mahogany is an excellent choice for those wanting a hardwood porch railing. It machines to a smoother finish than a softwood, and of course is stronger, denser, and harder.  This means it will hold up to abuse better than most other materials. As you can see from this gallery it is an exceptionally beautiful wood that can be both painted and stained with great success. Most pieces are a dark reddish-brown color. And it’s highly rated for natural rot resistance, making it a good choice for exterior as well as for interior applications.

This hardwood porch railing project features our popular 3 1/2″ Victorian Porch Balusters and the 6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System, all in exterior use Mahogany hardwood.  The turned balusters can be ordered directly from our website in clear Cedar or Mahogany.  The railing was custom curved and made in Mahogany, ordered directly from our shop.

M.M. of Saratoga, CA writes of their replacement Curved Polyurethane Balcony Railing: “Everything came in good condition, and we completed the work earlier today. It looks really nice. Better, I believe, than the original balcony.  We were very pleased with the precision of the work — there was no room for error in the measurements. You guys nailed it.  Looking forward to spending some time back on the balcony this summer.”

This restoration specialist went the extra mile to find our products for his customer.  This is because he believed there are better railings and balusters out there than what you find off-the-shelf at the regular home supply centers.  He chose to use our 7 1/4″ Polyurethane Railing, which go well with the 5 1/4″ Polyurethane Balusters for his curved polyurethane balcony railing.

Confused about how to order your own curved railing?  It’s easier than you think.  Start with THIS ARTICLE on how to measure for curved rail.  Send us the measurements, and your preferences for size of rail.  For example, our 5 1/2″ Polyurethane Balustrade or 7 1/4″ Polyurethane Balustrade.   Our porch railing experts will do the math for you, and get you a quote.

Orders of curved rail take us a few weeks to produce, so don’t wait until the last minute to get your order started.

Florida porch railings for a remodeling project in Dunedin, FL.  Nothing makes such a large impact on the “curb appeal” of a home as a beautiful porch rail.  Or as the realtor for this home said, “The railings make it!”.

Although our standard Classic spindle didn’t match the original exactly, this customer decided they like it better.  For these Florida porch railings, they used the 2 1/2 x 26″ Classic Porch Spindle and our 6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System.  To help prevent rot down the road, they wisely chose the Sloped Bottom Rail, and had us notch the bottom of the spindles to fit.  Because they wanted a simple and elegant newel post that does not overpower the other porch elements, they chose the 6″ smooth square newel post in Cedar.  And like many  customers, they chose to have us prime their products here in our shop so they could start the installation of their balustrade right away.

The owners of this Pennsylvania farm are true stewards of the land and property.  They obviously take pride in their home, and in taking care of what they have.  The porch has been restored using the 5 1/2″ Polyurethane Balustrade System, including the use of 3 1/2″ Classic Polyurethane Porch Balusters.  Why polyurethane railing?  You might expect traditional wood spindles and railing to be used on an historic home such as this.  And you certainly would not want the feel of this authentic porch to be ruined by PVC or Vinyl railings and balusters.

Polyurethane porch railing from Western Spindle is an additional option that offers the authentic look and feel of cedar millwork.  It is a molded product that has clean crisp detail like you find on our Cedar Spindles, and has a warm feel and sound much like Cedar.  Traditional polyurethane porch railing makes in an excellent choice for those wanting to get away from exterior wood porch railing while still maintaining the traditional beauty of their home.

E.M. of McDonald, PA writes of their new traditional polyurethane porch railing “Attached are photos of my porch that you requested.  We all are very pleased with it.  More winter weather! Of course you may use any of my photos if you like.  Please send me a copy of any that you might use.”

Thanks!  We at Western Spindle hope you get many, many years of use and enjoyment from your low maintenance traditional polyurethane porch railing.

This beautiful custom porch balustrade is one of the several we have done in Butte, MT.  The historic mining town has lots of eye candy for those interested in Victorian architecture.

Rex Builders, whom we’ve done work with several times in the past, used curved stair railing with outstanding results.  We reproduced the original spindles and provided them with our 8×40″ Raised Panel Newel Posts as well.  You can see the results for your self!

Todd with Rex Builders writes “Thanks for checking in on our project. We finished it right before the weather got cold and I haven’t gotten back over to take any decent photos. Here are a couple that I had on my phone, the first one is pre-paint but still gives an idea of the design. We also will be replacing the 4 exterior doors in the spring which will give it a more completed look.
Once again, all of your products met our expectations. Thank you for working with us and for making the ordering and delivery process simple and painless.
We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks again for your superb products!”

Thank you Todd!

This beautiful Connecticut home features a curved rooftop railing over a rounded covered patio.  What a difference this decorative exterior balustrade addition had on the look of the home!  A huge “thank you” to Creative Builders of CT for letting us be a part of this project.

To learn how to measure for your own Curved Rail, click THIS LINK.

Featured in this Milford, CT curved rooftop railing project is our:

Classic Porch Spindle, 3 1/2 x 20″

Raised Panel Newel Post, 12×34″

Porch Rail System, 6″ class 4-piece

All made of premium clear Western Cedar for rot resistance, stability, and beauty.  You can also opt for our synthetic version.  We use Polyurethane for our synthetic exterior balustrades.

Designated as an historic landmark, this porch was in need of repair. With the help of our Polyurethane Balustrades, it was brought back to it’s former glory.  For this historic porch restoration, the 7 1/4″ Polyurethane Balustrade was used.  Also called urethane, fypon, high density polyurethane, or composite, our synthetic balustrade is a low maintenance alternative to wood porch railing. Unlike PVC or vinyl, polyurethane porch balustrade products have clean crisp lines and well defined corners.  PVC and vinyl railings have a very “plastic” feel because they are, well, plastic.  Polyurethane millwork is a hard foam that has a similar density to a softwood such as pine or cedar.  This gives the rail and balusters an authentic look and feel that is very similar to wood.

K.F. of Ephraim, UT writes “Our Victorian porch restoration project was completed last spring, and we love it. The railing and spindles look great and we’ve received many compliments.
The ordering process was simple and straightforward. The website was easy to navigate and instructions were clear and very helpful. Everything was better than expected! The product was delivered on time with no damage. The quality and workmanship of the spindles were great and your attention to detail was exemplary. I would highly recommend Western Spindle.”

Seen in this project is the following:

3 1/2 x 26″ Classic Porch Spindles

6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System

Porch Rail Installation Kit

This customer from Kent, WA writes

“I purchased vintage porch railings from American Porch in the summer and fall of 2017 as I constructed a wrap around porch on our new farmhouse. My wife and I were very pleased with the rail kits that American Porch created for us. We browsed the web pages and then called American Porch using the web page contact information. Adam MacDonald answered the phone and was extremely helpful over the course of several purchases as we progressed. The quality of materials, quick delivery and Great customer service are why I recommend this company.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, lots of interior work to do in the house.

The materials arrived on time and in good condition as anticipated.  We really like the porch look and feel using the materials that you provided.  The images attached show the front of the house; we just had a snowstorm and one picture shows a couple inches of snow.  The materials that we received from American Porch were high quality and easy to assemble into sections.  I had 34 sections of porch rail ranging from about 4 feet to over 10 feet long.

Merry Christmas”

Used in this project is the following products:

Square Baluster, 1 3/8 x 26″, with bottom notch, primed

4″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System, with Sloped Bottom Rail, primed

“Custom” doesn’t always mean re-inventing the wheel.  We worked with this customer in Edwardsville, IL to modify our standard 6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System to his liking.

For the handrail, it uses our Sloped Bottom Rail as a top rail and adds a couple custom trim pieces below the top rail.  The trim pieces simply attach to the sides of the spindles, giving the top rail a thicker look.

For the bottom rail, we used the standard Sloped Bottom Rail, but added an additional skirt.  They wanted a “beefier” look, so instead of the single skirt under the bottom rail we used two.

The spindles are the standard 2 1/2 x 26″ Victorian in Western Cedar.

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