Historic Porch Restoration in Monroe, NY

Designated as an historic landmark, this porch was in need of repair. With the help of our Polyurethane Balustrades, it was brought back to it’s former glory.  For this historic porch restoration, the 7 1/4″ Polyurethane Balustrade was used.  Also called urethane, fypon, high density polyurethane, or composite, our synthetic balustrade is a low maintenance alternative to wood porch railing. Unlike PVC or vinyl, polyurethane porch balustrade products have clean crisp lines and well defined corners.  PVC and vinyl railings have a very “plastic” feel because they are, well, plastic.  Polyurethane millwork is a hard foam that has a similar density to a softwood such as pine or cedar.  This gives the rail and balusters an authentic look and feel that is very similar to wood.