Traditional Polyurethane Porch Railing and Balusters, Pennsylvania

The owners of this Pennsylvania farm are true stewards of the land and property.  They obviously take pride in their home, and in taking care of what they have.  The porch has been restored using the 5 1/2″ Polyurethane Balustrade System, including the use of 3 1/2″ Classic Polyurethane Porch Balusters.  Why polyurethane railing?  You might expect traditional wood spindles and railing to be used on an historic home such as this.  And you certainly would not want the feel of this authentic porch to be ruined by PVC or Vinyl railings and balusters.

Polyurethane porch railing from Western Spindle is an additional option that offers the authentic look and feel of cedar millwork.  It is a molded product that has clean crisp detail like you find on our Cedar Spindles, and has a warm feel and sound much like Cedar.  Traditional polyurethane porch railing makes in an excellent choice for those wanting to get away from exterior wood porch railing while still maintaining the traditional beauty of their home.

E.M. of McDonald, PA writes of their new traditional polyurethane porch railing “Attached are photos of my porch that you requested.  We all are very pleased with it.  More winter weather! Of course you may use any of my photos if you like.  Please send me a copy of any that you might use.”

Thanks!  We at Western Spindle hope you get many, many years of use and enjoyment from your low maintenance traditional polyurethane porch railing.