Round Tapered Columns for D.T.

Here are a few photos.  Still waiting on mason to show up and complete the stone work, so can send better pictures later.  But here are the columns in their “final resting place”.  The knotty pine paneling  in the ceiling is from the family house we had to take down due to its deteriorated condition.  Adds a nice contract between the siding, and columns/trim work.

Columns arrived in good shape.  They were of good quality and were true in dimension.  Put them in the garage for a couple of weeks due to construction delays.  When we opened the packages and took the columns out for installation, the dust from the manufacturing process went everywhere.  There was a breeze that day and this scattered it around the garage and driveway.  Was not expecting to have this much dust shipped with these.  It seems it was all inside the columns.  Learned the lessons after the first two.  Took them outside to cut and unbox the remaining two.

The fastener system sent with the caps was simple, maybe too light duty for our application.  I fabricated up some more brackets to add to the bottom and top.  We get pretty strong winds through here (we recorded a gust of 78 in October and that day it blew 40 plus MPH all day).  I added more brackets as I don’t want these coming down anytime soon.

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