Revival Porch Spindles and Railing for J.N.

My husband and I gave the porch railing system to our daughter and husband for Christmas last year. It finally warmed up enough and stopped raining in May to let us put this together. I will tell you I’m a 72 year old do it yourself woman and free labor. I researched putting the system together-the hardest part was scribing for the round pillars!  It took us about 3 days. Any flaws and gaps were fixed with caulk and fillers. The painters just left and the railing is beautiful!!! I love the American Porch product. It was easy to order all I needed . It far outweighs what you get from local big box stores. Having beautiful styles and sizes to choose from was wonderful. This is probably the last of my Big Projects and I am very proud of this job. Every time I walk up this porch I Smile! Thank you American Porch!