Split Column Reassembly Kit


Split column reassembly kit makes it easy to put your split columns back together around an existing structural member.


Split column wraps reassembly kit is used when using a decorative around an existing structural member.  This kit allows you to reassemble the column efficiently.  The Split Column Reassembly Kit includes six nylon locking straps with six 1/8″ spacers and one quart (1.85 lb.) automotive body filler.  For columns over 12 ft height, or 14″ diameter, two kits will be required per column.  Complete instructions for installing and reassembling split FRP columns are also included.

Spacers are slid onto the nylon straps, then used to keep the two column halves apart when the column is strapped together.  The space left open between the two halves is filled with automotive body filler.

Two split column wraps reassembly kits are required for columns 14′ in height and taller, AND 16″ in diameter and larger.

We recommend using a carbide or abrasive (Carborundum or similar) blade to trim the shaft.
NOTE: Split columns/pilasters are not load bearing, nor can they be considered structural in any way, even when installed according to these instructions. Do not attach railing or other items requiring support directly to the column/pilaster: these must be connected to a structural member inside the column/pilaster or the wall behind the pilaster.

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