These happy homeowners used our 3 1/2″ Victorian Porch Spindles in Douglas Fir, and Custom Railing. All were finished with high quality oil-based stain and top coat.  This is a backyard environment that will provide decades of entertainment and satisfaction. Notice the flooring stained and finished to match the railing. Beautiful.


This Woodbury, GA home was newly built this year.  With four of the five porches on this home using curved rail, this was a fun project.  Note the raised panel newels and column pedestals used throughout the porches on this home.  We used the same premium Port Orford Cedar wood used in our other products to ensure strength, beauty, and longevity.  Call for a quote if your project requires newels such as these.

Using a proprietary method developed right here in Western Spindle’s shop, we are able to make solid wood curved rail match our popular 4-piece Cedar Porch Rail System exactly. All we need is the width and height of the curve, and we can make your curved porch shine like this one in Georgia.  These homeowners used our popular 3 1/2 x 26″ Tuscan Porch Spindles.  Their angular look compliments the curved rail well.

For more information on curved rail, see our blog post: Curved Porch Railing: the Ultimate in Exterior Architectural Millwork

The following pictures are of a recent Cedar porch railing project in Plainsfield, IL. This project used our custom wood 3 1/2″ Revival porch spindles in Port Orford Cedar. This is not a stock spindle, but we can usually make yours in two weeks or less.  This project used our 6″ Cedar top rail with their wood porch railing system. What an environment to walk out to every day!  Note the attention to detail and landscaping.


Radius rail for a rounded porch can be difficult to find. It’s one of our specialties and we’re happy to have pictures back from a Connecticut home featuring this beautiful balustrade. The homeowner tells us they are enjoying many hours on these red rocking chairs sipping wine or lemonade. Thanks to the family for sharing your pictures with us (and a few hundred thousand of our website visitors)! This fine Victorian home features our 6″ 4-piece Porch Rail System and 3 1/2 Custom Porch Spindles, all in premium Cedar. Note the curved portions match the straight rail portions perfectly.

For more information on curved rail, see our blog post: Curved Porch Railing: the Ultimate in Exterior Architectural Millwork

A 2-story front porch remodel on an old mining town mansion in Helena, Montana.  They used our custom wood 3 1/2″ Spindles for this project.


For those with period homes, the holidays are a chance to use the space for what it was made for: entertaining! A customer with a newly constructed home in Raleigh, NC just sent us feedback on their wood porch rail project.  This fine southern home shows our 3 1/2 x 26″ Victorian Porch Spindles in Douglas Fir, 6″ 4-piece Porch Rail System in Port Orford Cedar, and 2×6″ Tongue & Groove Porch Flooring also in Port Orford Cedar. The final touches were just being finished before Christmas and they had over 400 people visit. I’d say it was a success!

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