Where To Buy Balusters & Porch Railing

Where to buy porch balusters? 

If we’re doing our job, finding beautiful architectural porch railings isn’t as difficult as it used to be.  Browse our different sizes and styles, decide on what you like, and we’ll send them directly to your jobsite.  Not sure how many you need, or have questions?  No problem.  We’re happy to talk you through it either by email or phone.

Our company’s founder Adam tells a funny story that happened very early on in our company’s history, and it illustrates the need for the product.  As related by Adam:

Mara said there was a beautiful historic home in our area that was in the middle of a porch remodel and suggested I might swing by.   So I walked up to the house with a 3 1/2″ Revival wood baluster in my hand, and introduced myself.  “Hi, I’m Adam with American Por…”.  He interrupted me by grabbing the baluster and jerking it out of my hand.
“Where did you get that?!  WHERE did you get that?!”.  He was almost yelling.
“I made it” I said, almost laughing at this exchange.
“Do you have any idea how hard I’ve looked for this?” he said, still nearly shouting.  “Can you make more?”.

How did it work out?

Well we did make more for him, and a couple weeks later he had them on his two-story porch.

American Porch has since made beautiful porch balusters are easy to find.  Our standard sizes and designs range the architectural spectrum, and most builders and homeowners find one that works well for their project.  For those that need a custom design to match their existing, or if they simply have another idea for design, it’s no trouble at all to make a a custom designed baluster.  And all in your choice of wood or synthetic materials.

Where to buy balusters?  That’s easy!  On your front porch via AmericanPorch.com