Victorian Wrap-around Porch Balusters for H.G.

We have a Victorian house that is about 115 years old that has a large wraparound porch. Some of the spindles needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, there are no companies in our area (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) that still make custom spindles–it’s a lost art. After much searching online, I found several companies around the country and contacted them all to inquire about their interest and to get an estimate. The estimate from American Porch (in Montana) was neither the highest nor the lowest–we decided to go with them based on their prompt and courteous customer service. In fact, I later realized the person I spoke to initially on the telephone was the owner, Adam MacDonald. That personalized service, we learned, is a hallmark of this company. Adam and his crew helped us with getting the exact spindles we needed by creating a model based on one of our existing spindles. They kept us informed throughout the process, which was both on time and on budget. The end result is that the new spindles look exactly like the old ones, and now that everything is installed and painted, the entire porch looks beautiful and uniform. I highly recommend American Porch!