Reproduce Original Spindles in Mahogany for J.M.

Funny you just wrote.  My carpenter is here and just finished them today.  They look great!  My husband and son love them too. My husband said he “actually forgot how nice the front porch can look” – (We have been entering from the side for ages.)

Glad I ordered a couple extra.  The house was built in 1853, so it is lopsided – one side of the porch takes 11, the other 12 and I had one extra to replace.  Just sent a text to my painter to have them painted along with porch floor.  I will send photos when they look good.  We also have professional photographers shooting the house this month.  I will definitely send you those when have them.

Thanks again!


PS My British historian, designer, home owner and renovator on the island was over for dinner the other night – and I was telling them about you guys.  Also glad I went for the mahogany – they have the same weight and strength as the original old growth ABACO pine (or Heart pine as they call it in US).

PPS You may have more customers down here – you may have to take a trip!