Often called Urethane, HDP, or Poly, it is a synthetic alternative to wood.  It looks, feels, cuts, even sounds similar to wood.  It comes pre-primed and ready to install.

DENSITY: Our poly products are made with high density polyurethane with an overall density similar to white pine at 14 to 18 pounds per cubic foot.  Our process provides a greater skin density than core density for increased durability.

SURFACE PROPERTIES & FINISHES: All products are manufactured with a white or beige color coating.  Further, these products receive a primer finish coat before they are shipped to customers.  The combination of the integral shell-like skin, the barrier coat, and the primer top coat provide an excellent substrate for durable finishes.  Ultra violet rays do not affect properly coated products.

FINISHING: All our Polyurethane products are shipped “double primed” with an exterior grade latex paint and are ready for use.  We recommend final finishing after installation is complete for the most consistent appearance possible.  A good quality exterior latex or oil base paint may be used on rigid poly products.  See “PORCH INFORMATION” for more information.

MOISTURE RESISTANCE: Our polyurethane has a closed cell struture which provides protection from most solvents and renders it almost completely hydrophobic.  IT WILL NOT ROT!

MILDEW RESISTANCE: All our poly products resist the growth of mildew and fungus and provides no nutritional value for other organisms such as small rodents.

STRENGTH: The compressive strength of polyurethane products falls within the 800-950 P.S.I. range.  The tensile strength falls within the 550-650 P.S.I. range.  (The parts are not intended for structural use.)  The degree of flexibility of any given polyurethane product is determined by the size and shape of its cross section.  However, due to the inherent flex characteristics of polyurehtnae produts, they will follow some curvatures and uneven surfaces.

synthetic product with a vast array of uses.