Port Orford Cedar

A creamy white softwood that we believe is the very best choice for exterior millwork.

Why does Western Spindle use Port Orford Cedar when virtually all other companies are using Western Red Cedar?  Because it’s BETTER!  Port Orford Cedar enjoys the same exceptional exterior wood qualities as other cedars and redwood such as rot and insect resistance, but the parallels end there.  Port Orford Cedar is harder, heavier, stronger, tighter grained, and machines to a finer finish.  In fact it is 40% stronger than all other cedars and redwood.  That means Port Orford Cedar on your porch will not only look better, but will withstand abuse like other cedars could never.  Your porch will simply be in better shape decades down the road when using Port Orford Cedar.

Characteristics and Properties

The color of Port Orford Cedar wood can be described as a creamy white which allows for limitless options on staining, and does not have the “bleeding” problem often associated with the darker Western Red Cedar. Port Orford Cedar has a fine texture; the grain is straight and even. The wood has a characteristic pungent, ginger like odor and a somewhat bitter, spicy taste (although I can’t say I’ve ever eaten the stuff).  One customer described the aroma as similar to a man’s cologne.  Another said we should bottle the smell of our shop and sell it!

Port Orford Cedar is moderately light in weight for its strength; however, it is stiff, strong, hard, and fairly shock-resistant. It shrinks only slightly during drying, dries quickly after wetting, and has little tendency to warp. It is easily worked with tools. Port Orford Cedar is highly resistant to decay. It polishes well and holds paint longer than most other woods.  Unprotected wood weathers to a light gray with a silvery sheen. It does not develop weather checks.