Curved Stair Railing for Outdoor Steps, Ohio

Making curved stair railing for your entryway steps is always a fun project for our team.  This striking example in Ohio utilizes our 7 1/4″ railing and 5 1/4″ balusters.  The builder in Blanchester Ohio writes “American Porch, LLC is a great example of old fashion American ingenuity, pride, service, and craftsmanship. I dealt with Amber in the front office and she may be one of the most accommodating professionals I have ever dealt with in my career spanning over 5 decades. The entire experience was outstanding from beginning to end. The product was of great quality and quite beautiful in the essence of use.  I am quite proud of the finished product as it is truly one of a kind project that span almost 3 years from inception to completion.”


How To Get Curved Stair Railing for Your Outdoor Steps

To help this customer in getting the perfect curved stair rails the first time, we created a drawing based on his measurements and architectural plans.  See the last picture in the above gallery for the curved stair railing architectural drawing.

Curved stair railings are rather complex to make because not only does the railing curve, but it also must twist throughout it’s length.  Sound complicated?  That’s okay, that part is on us.  All we need from you is three very simple measurements: the width and height of the curve, and the rise/run of your stair.  Those measurements are described in detail on our Curved Railing informational page here.

We utilize a very wood-like synthetic material called “Poly” for making curved stair railings.  High density polyurethane has a similar density to a softwood such as Cedar.  This gives it a warm wood-like feel.  And because it’s a molded product made from actual wood templates, it looks just like wood.  Using poly enables us more latitude in design and size for your outdoor steps.  It also ensures your new curved stair railing will look and feel great for many, many years to come.