Curved Rail, Victorian Spindles, Massachusetts Home on the Water

M.P. of Sudbury, MA: “We finished up the project last summer and couldn’t be more pleased with the final product…..particularly the rail system from American Porch. It is simply stunning. We have had so many compliments from friends, neighbors, and many strangers walking by the house. We have even had great reviews from boaters who are out for a cocktail cruise and pass by our dock. I have attached a few pics that provide a pretty good look at the railing. The picture with the moon was taken at 3am!!” 1/4/12

Porch balustrades

If you look closely, you’ll see they opted for the sloped bottom rail and notched spindles which allows for better water drainage and prevents rot. Oh, how I wish I was sitting on this deck right now, Mai Tai in hand!

Curved porch railing
Curved Porch Railing

This home wears our 4″ class 4-Piece Porch Rail System with 2 1/8″ Victorian Porch Spindles, all in premium Port Orford Cedar. We make curved rail using a proprietary process that leaves no splices or exposed end grain. The result is a very smooth, strong curved rail that matches the straight rail perfectly. Call if you’d like a custom width for your spindles like these homeowners did.