I am a 15 year repeat customer. I have received nothing but great service and value from this company. The company owner emailed me personally to make sure I was totally satisfied. I recommend them and the product is 100%.

Anonymous of Repeat Customer
August 7, 2019;

American Porch: I will let you know when it’s about to ship so you can plan your installation.
Southern Casework: Any word on getting them sooner. ???
American Porch: Our CNC technician was able to work them in between orders so they are done! I will pack them up and they will ship out tomorrow via Fed Ex. You will receive tracking information from them.
Southern Casework: OMG!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK HIM!!!!!!  Without them we would of been waiting another month or two for payment on the job!  BLESS YOUR HEART!

Fast Turnaround for Southern Casework & Fixture Co. of Screven, GA
July 10, 2019;

We are installing the new spindles you all made for us this week – so excited. They are literally perfect so thank you so much for such wonderful work. We’ll send pics when we’re done. Thank you again!

Custom Made Turned Balusters for E.G. of Queensbury, NY
July 8, 2019;

Perfectly milled to my specifications. Friendly helpful staff. Delivery was within the timeframe specified. Completely satisfied and would hire again whenever the need arises.

Professional Railing Installation for D.K. of Healdsburg, CA
July 5, 2019;

I was happy to come across them searching the web as I needed a specific spindle to match what one of my customers had. Everyone came out perfect! I think very highly of a company to spend time and circle back after an order has been delivered to make sure that everything was ok. Adam did just that several times! I will definitely order from them again!

Specific Porch Spindle Match for S.M. of Piscataway Township, NJ
July 3, 2019;

Thank you for the mugs. What a nice gift; beautifully hand crafted and
useful. We will enjoy them.
Thank you American Porch


A.Z. of Cambridge, MD
July 2, 2019;

Shipped on the day indicated on order the confirmation. Decent price compared to what contractor had quoted. Tracking information provided.

Replacement Posts for My Porch of USA

Loving It!  Need two comfy chairs.  Great product.
Thank you

New Decorative Porch Railing for V.G. of Ashland, AL
June 28, 2019;

I love the columns. I only wish I had found them sooner. I needed some that were close to 11 foot and had a heck of a time finding a column that size or better one that could be cut to length. I spent hours on the internet without any luck. Last minute someone suggested your site.
Not sure how you do it- but more lumber stores gotta know about your products.


11 foot Columns for J.C. of Williamsville, NY
June 8, 2019;

These were only columns I found that could be cut to length. I needed some at 11 feet. I was very happy with how they were packaged and quality of columns.

Column cut to length for customer of USA

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