They are not local but they are a family owned business that provides a high quality product and ship directly to your house. If you are looking for spindles that are architecturally and period correct for your house made out of something other than pressure treated lumber, this is your place. The cedar spindles are exceptionally nice.

L.W. of Franklin, TN
January 1, 2014;

I am sending on some pictures of the balustrade I restored using the spindles you turned for me back in May. The railing forms an overlook on top of our pumphouse. We think the original balustrade dates to about 1925. The remaining balusters were original and were stripped of many layers of lead paint and refinished. I saved one long section of top rail and the short section (they appear to be old growth, very tight grain fir and were in perfect shape except for one small area of rot I was able to fill with a dutchman that is now invisible under the paint. Joints at the corner posts were made with pocket screws. (each post has a long 5/8″ bolt secured into the concrete deck, so they are like the Rock of Gibraltar!) Your balusters fit perfectly in with the old and really made the project shine. All of our 19 members love the results – It really adds to our waterfront scenery! Thanks so much for your help and for being so easy to deal with!

Anonymous of Lake Geneva, WI
August 26, 2013;

… In 2010 I restored the porch, using your all’s spindles because, as a professional historic preservation specialist, I knew them to be authentic. You can see the results. Thank you all so much for making such fine products available.

T.S. of Madison, IN
May 16, 2012;

We finished up the project last summer and couldn’t be more pleased with the final product…. particularly the rail system from Western Spindle.  It is simply stunning.  We have had so many compliments from friends, neighbors, and many strangers walking by the house.  We have even had great reviews from boaters who are out for a cocktail cruise and pass by our dock.  I have attached a few pics that provide a pretty good look at the railing.  The picture with the moon was taken at 3am!!  P.S. would love a hat…T-shirt would even be better if you have one.  Thanks Adam

M.P. of Sudbury, MA
January 4, 2012;

The house is complete now thanks to you and your company, it looks great . I admit I was hesitant to spend this much money over the internet but your calling me and follow up reassured me that I was doing the right thing. Thanks again Adam. I appreciate your hard work and wish you continuing success. Many thanks for superior work.

D.I. of Toledo, OH
November 17, 2011;

I am sending the before and after pictures for you. Many, many thanks for all of your patience with us as we created our BEAUTIFUL railing! WE LOVE IT!!!! We would love for you to use the pictures. Also, please feel free to use us as a reference too. We have all great things to say! p.s. Thank you so much for expediting the balusters. We received them Monday.

C.N. of Louisville, KY
November 1, 2011;

Everything arrived in excellent shape and looks terrific. Really beautiful wood and I especially like the balusters and newels. Now I am anxious to get it all installed! Thanks for everything and I will send you photos when it is all installed. Happy holidays!

S.A. of Brewster, MA
December 9, 2010;

Thanks to you and your team for a job well done on our new home. You guys were helpful and informative before the purchase as we decided what layout and style worked best for us. Your pricing was competitive and your delivery was on time as promised. Keep up the good work!

S.S. of Woodbury, GA
November 1, 2010;

We are enjoying sitting on our porch and the look is absolutely beautiful. We have had lots of comments on the look and quality of material and craftsmanship of your whole system. I have wanted to send you pictures of the completion but have some more repair work to do on the house before I send them to you. We had a tornado go through our place on June 17th. ACTUALLY there were 42 tornadoes that hit MN that night. Good odds to be hit! Three building sites a mile southwest of us were completely destroyed—nothing left—-it lifted and went on to destroy two sites to the very east of us. We have fixed for 3 months and are getting close to done, roof shingles on house, garage and storage shed to be replaced. We have over 165,000.00 dollars in repairs so far, not including the roof repairs on our home. The hardest experience was losing 42 big beautiful trees . We can always replace a building in short order, you can’t replace a 302 year old majestic oak tree. That one really hurts! It was just outside of our office manufacturing plant and I miss its’ presence. What is so amazing is “no railings of yours got one scratch on it”! You can use us as a referral at anytime. Your craftsmanship is very much appreciated and the quality is exceptional! Thank you for your products. By the way, the design on anchoring the posts is contractor appreciated!

M.M. of Minnesota
September 25, 2010;

I just wanted you to know that the spindles arrived safely a couple of weeks ago. They look great and you did a very professional job from beginning to end. I’ve installed them on my gazebo and they look great!

M.N. of Santa Rosa Vally, CA
June 15, 2010;

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