5″ Cabinet Columns


Large Cabinet Columns or use in kitchen cabinets, island legs, and other interior details.


Whole or Split? *

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Cabinet Columns are perfect for Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Islands, Bathroom Vanities, Fireplace Surrounds, Furniture, and more.  Furniture grade, fully sanded, and ready to accept stain or paint.  Available in Alder, Cherry, Maple, or Rubberwood (commonly used for paint-grade).

Actual Size: 5″ Wide x 35 1/2″ High.  Bottom Block: 7″.  Top Block: 6″.  Design portion is 22 1/2″ long.

Half Split: Cut in half.  You will receive two halves
Diagonal Split: Cut in half diagonally.  You will receive two diagonal halves.
One Quarter Split: One quarter is cut out.  You will receive a 3/4 column and a 1/4 column.
Four Quarters Spit: Cut in 4 quarters.  You will receive four 1/4 columns.

Also Available in 3 3/4″ Wide

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Our woodwork is more beautiful, stronger, and longer lasting than woodwork produced by others.  Why?  Because we use better materials!

Rubberwood has a dense grain that has very little shrinkage, making it one of the more stable construction materials available for furniture and kitchen cabinet columns. It is not suitable for outdoor usage.  Rubberwood is used only after it completes its latex producing cycle, generally when it is 25-30 years old. When the latex yields become extremely low, the trees are then felled, and new ones are usually planted. This wood is therefore eco-friendly in the sense that it is being used when it would normally be thrown away.

Alder is a reddish-brown hardwood suitable for interior millwork.  Although a hardwood, it is not as hard as Cherry or Maple.

Cherry is one of the premier hardwoods for interior millwork.  The subtle reddish-brown color and beautiful grain make it a highly desirable wood for Cabinet Columns and other cabinetry.  Also known as Black Cherry and American Cherry.

Maple  is an exceptionally hard wood, making it highly desirable for interior millwork such as Cabinet Columns.  It’s understated light color, silky smooth finish, and hardness make it one of the very best woods for fine cabinetry.

NOTE: These are considered interior woods and are not suitable for outdoor use.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can these be cut to a shorter length?
Yes, they can be cut to length before installation.  They cut like any other wood material.

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Introducing Cabinet Columns, Kitchen Island Legs

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Introducing Cabinet Columns, Kitchen Island Legs