This is a fun one.  4″ class 3-piece Porch Rail System made to match the curve of the rounded deck.  The builder was very creative in making sills for lanterns that, used in conjunction with the curved rail, really sets this deck apart.  This also shows the use of the newel post anchors well.

This beautiful project included the most popular setup we have available:

  • 8″ Raised Panel Newel Posts
  • 6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System
  • 3 1/2″ Classic Spindles

Because it is a decorative balustrade (no access and therefore no building codes apply), they used a 30″ Top Rail Height.  Beautiful work guys!

T.B. of Frankfort IL writes “Wanted you to see your beautiful product. Thank you for all your help in this process. It turned out wonderful!! I can take more pictures next year with landscaping, if you want.”

G.B. of Olympia, WA writes:

“Adam, here are photos of our new porch.  [We] just finished painting this morning.  I might add some more trim to the newel posts to doll them up a bit, but we are very happy with the railing and your products.  Check out our great new granite step!”
Adam: “Wow G.!  The white rail is truly eye catching!  I love the stone step, my ancestors were stone masons and there is still a lot of cut stone architecture in central Montana from their work.  We would be honored if, with your permission, we could use your nice pictures in some of our marketing materials.  We would of course keep your information completely private.  Thanks for the pictures G.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.”
G.: “Yes, please do use those photos.  I’d be proud to see our project in your adverts.  Glad you liked our granite step.  Have a look at our columnar basalt driveway marker!  My carpenter buddy who helped me with the porch is  – in real life – actually a stone sculptor.  I have a number of balusters left over, and next spring we’ll get a few more, plus more railing parts, and do the back porch.  Thanks again, and all the best,  G.”

A huge “Thank You” to this Minnesota customer for sending pictures of this beautiful porch.

This homeowner wanted to keep the profile of their original porch railing.  We reproduced the rail profile in cedar, with the slight modification of a sloped bottom rail and notched spindles to avoid problems with water sitting on the bottom rail.

N.M. of Norfolk, VA writes: “Attached are photos of the finished product (new railing system on existing porch).  The materials were good quality (working with the cedar smelled wonderful) and everything arrived promptly and perfectly packaged.  Thanks for your assistance and I will certainly recommend your company.  If you need more professional looking images, or think a certain angle, detail, etc would suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Project includes the use of our best-selling 3 1/2 x 26″ Victorian Porch Spindles with the 6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System.  Note the use of sloped bottom rail and notched spindles, for better drainage of moisture to prevent rot.

Replacing your porch railing can seem like a big project, especially if it includes custom reproduction spindles and newel posts.  But it’s easier than you think.  This Portland customer simply sent us the original posts and spindles, and selected a our standard 4″ class 3-piece Porch Rail System.  We were able to match his posts and spindles exactly, and then send the reproductions back a few weeks later. Beautiful work on the paint accents, guys!

This Quincy, MA deck made beautiful use of our 4″ class 3-piece Cedar Porch Rail System, both in straight and curved sections. Also featured are 1 3/8″ Square Cedar Balusters with Bottom Notched to match the Sloped Bottom Rail, which increases longevity. These items were shipped from our factory pre-primed with a premium oil-based primer for maximum protection.

This Kentucky homeowner wanted to reproduce a spindle size and style.  He sent us the spindle dimensions and desired quantity, from which we gave him an estimate.  After the estimate was accepted, he sent us the original for reproduction, and you can see the result.  We especially love the before/after contrast on the first two pictures.  The before photo shows a nice home, but not the type that would cause you to turn your head as you drove by.  With the addition of columns, wood railing, and custom wood porch spindles (turned balusters), the difference is simply amazing.

The front of the home is dripping with eye-catching curb appeal.  But the real fun is around back.  This homeowner, with a little help from a good architect and American Porch’s custom porch products, has created a backyard environment that will bring entertaining and relaxing to a whole new level.  This space is perfect for everything from a few minutes with a cup of coffee in the morning, or a safe and fun place for the grand-kids to play, to a daughter’s dream wedding reception venue.

What kind of transformation do you have in mind for your home?

You may have noticed that this spindle design is very similar to our Classic porch spindles.  This was one of the many reproductions we’ve done over the years that all had a similar “classic” style.  From the dozen or so reproductions we’ve done in this style, we developed our Classic design which we’ve now incorporated into all our standard spindle offerings.  The “Classic” is now one of our best-selling spindle designs.