This customer from Kent, WA writes

“I purchased vintage porch rail kits from Western Spindle in the summer and fall of 2017 as I constructed a wrap around porch on our new farmhouse. My wife and I were very pleased with the rail kits that Western Spindle created for us. We browsed the web pages and then called Western Spindle using the web page contact information. Adam MacDonald answered the phone and was extremely helpful over the course of several purchases as we progressed. The quality of materials, quick delivery and Great customer service are why I recommend this company.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, lots of interior work to do in the house.

The materials arrived on time and in good condition as anticipated.  We really like the porch look and feel using the materials that you provided.  The pictures attached show the front of the house; we just had a snowstorm and one picture shows a couple inches of snow.  The materials that we received from Western Spindle were high quality and easy to assemble into sections.  I had 34 sections of porch rail ranging from about 4 feet to over 10 feet long.

Merry Christmas”

Used in this project is the following products:

Square Baluster, 1 3/8 x 26″, with bottom notch, primed

4″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System, with Sloped Bottom Rail, primed

“Custom” doesn’t always mean re-inventing the wheel.  We worked with this customer in Edwardsville, IL to modify our standard 6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System to his liking.

For the handrail, it uses our Sloped Bottom Rail as a top rail and adds a couple custom trim pieces below the top rail.  The trim pieces simply attach to the sides of the spindles, giving the top rail a thicker look.

For the bottom rail, we used the standard Sloped Bottom Rail, but added an additional skirt.  They wanted a “beefier” look, so instead of the single skirt under the bottom rail we used two.

The spindles are the standard 2 1/2 x 26″ Victorian in Western Cedar.

R.Q. of Marshall, MI writes “We want to thank you for the beautiful spindles. Attached are some photos you are welcome to use.  We now have all porches, roof gallery, etc. completed.  We appreciate your fine work.  Let me know if you want a photo of the National Register Marker to go with the photo.  Thanks again for the help.”

J.D. of Philadelphia, PA writes “A few years ago I purchased a primed cedar rail kit with custom turned spindles.  The custom cut profile I created was for a baseball bat and ball spindle.  The rail kit was easy to install and I enjoyed working with American Porch.  Some photos are attached to this and the next email.


D.P. of Brooklyn writes:

Hey Adam,
Yes the project was completed a few weeks ago, and we love it. The balusters and railing look great and we’ve received many complements from neighbors.
Only issue was a few balusters were broken when they arrived, but I ordered extra and you credited me for those.
Here are some pics:

This is a fun one.  4″ class 3-piece Porch Rail System made to match the curve of the rounded deck.  The builder was very creative in making sills for lanterns that, used in conjunction with the curved rail, really sets this deck apart.  This also shows the use of the newel post anchors well.

This beautiful project included the most popular setup we have available:

  • 8″ Raised Panel Newel Posts
  • 6″ class 4-piece Porch Rail System
  • 3 1/2″ Classic Spindles

Because it is a decorative balustrade (no access and therefore no building codes apply), they used a 30″ Top Rail Height.  Beautiful work guys!

T.B. of Frankfort IL writes “Wanted you to see your beautiful product. Thank you for all your help in this process. It turned out wonderful!! I can take more pictures next year with landscaping, if you want.”

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