Doric Columns – Timeless Beauty for your Porch

From the breathtaking construction of the Parthenon to the stately elegance of Capitol Hill, Doric columns have been used in architecture throughout history. Their timeless beauty and appeal are marked by their simplicity, and they can now be found in modern times adorning grand homes across the country.

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Our Round FRP columns are referred to as Tuscan, which are influenced by the Doric order of columns.  We offer diameters ranging from 6” to 24” and are completely resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. Our round tapered fiberglass columns are made of fiber/marble/polymer and have a stone-like feel that even the most discerning architect will appreciate. Each shaft is designed with an entasis taper that emanates the timeless beauty of columns present throughout history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the three orders of columns?
A: Greek Orders of Architecture include Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns. Roman Orders of Architecture include Tuscan columns and Composite columns.

Q: Are Tuscan and Doric columns the same?
A: Doric and Tuscan columns are similar, but they vary slightly when compared to each other. Some of the main elements that differentiate them are the use of the base (not seen in traditional Doric columns), smooth shafts (Doric columns are always fluted), and the overall shaft size. Our round tapered fiberglass columns are Tuscan columns as influenced by Doric architectural style.

Q: Do you have Doric ornamental capitals or Doric cap and base sets?
A: Yes! You can custom-order our Doric ornamental capitals and sets by phone. We listen carefully to your project’s needs and create custom drawings you can review and approve before production begins. Also, our Roman Doric cap is a great option if you’re looking for additional decorative molding. The closest cap and base option that we have to Roman Doric is our Tuscan. Contact us today to discuss your project’s needs at (888) 459-9965.

What are Doric Columns?

Doric refers to an architectural classification of columns. They have a simpler design than the other two orders of Greek columns: Ionic and Corinthian. While many factors differentiate between the orders, Doric columns are commonly known for their simple architecture in the round and square components of the cap, as opposed to the Ionic and Corinthian orders, which are known for their ornamental elements.

Here, at American Porch, we refer to our FRP columns as Tuscan, which are influenced by Doric architecture. As mentioned before, while Doric and Tuscan columns are highly similar, some of the main elements that differentiate them are the use of the base (not seen in traditional Doric columns), smooth shafts (Doric columns are always fluted), and the overall shaft size. They can be broken down further into Greek and Roman Doric. Roman Doric columns typically have a base and are taller. American Porch proudly makes Roman Doric bases and Roman Doric ornamental capitals on a custom basis. Our Roman Doric bases provide additional decorative molding compared with our Tuscan bases, while our Roman Doric ornamental capitals can be paired with our FRP columns.

                       Tuscan                                             Roman Doric

Common Characteristics of Doric Columns

If you’re trying to find the right column for your home or project and can’t tell the difference between the scrolls on an Ionic column, an ornate capital of a Corinthian column, or the simplicity of a Doric column, here are a few identifying characteristics that Doric Columns feature:

  • Doric columns do not have a base or a pedestal at all. The columns rest directly on the ground or at ground level.
  • Doric column shafts are fluted and are wider at the base than at the top.
  • The top of a Doric column shaft will feature a simple, round echinus. An echinus is the rounded molding below an abacus.
  • An abacus is a flat slab that sits on top of a capital. On a Doric column, the abacus will rest on top of the echinus to disperse weight load.
  • Doric columns do not feature any decoration. This simplicity is what gives Doric columns their timeless elegance and appeal.

Searching for Architecturally Accurate Columns?

At American Porch, we are a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of architectural millwork. We create beautiful and architecturally accurate columns and vintage porch railings. Whether your project requires a few feet of rooftop railing on a portico or custom-ordered Doric columns–we pride ourselves in delivering quality columns and porch railings that are beautiful, safe, tested, and easy to install. Contact us today to learn more about our column options.