Round Column Style – Straight Taper vs. Architectural Entasis

A straight tapered round column has a straight line between the bottom (larger) diameter and the top (smaller) diameter.  This results in an odd look because it creates the illusion that the sides of the column are convex.  A better, more architecturally correct way to taper a round column is to give it an architectural entasis.  This means the bottom portion (about 1/3 of the shaft height) is straight, then it begins tapering gradually.  The taper becomes steeper as you go up, giving the sidewall a slight convex curve.  The result is a much more beautiful installation.  Take a look at the following comparison.  Once you recognize the difference, you’ll never look at columns the same again!  A straight taper will forever look “cheap”, while an architectural entasis will look authentic and beautiful.

Column Taper Style Comparision