Wood Porch Baluster Replacement for VA Hospital

Large wood porch baluster jobs are what we do at American Porch!

Several buildings at the VA Hospital in Sheridan, WY have been undergoing renovations for a few years now.  The latest project was a “porch and roof correction”, as designed by architects Fourfront Design, Inc.  It is a massive project including eight porches and a total of 2300 wood porch balusters.  Even with our 5 axis CNC automatic hopper fed lathe, this is a big job.  Laid end to end, these balusters would span 1 1/4 miles!  They are truly beautiful, but I think Bob (our CNC lathe extraordinaire) had seen enough of them by the time he was done.

We worked with the construction company GCH Construction, as well as the VA’s engineers, to design the reproduction balusters.  They had already sourced the railing, columns, and other balustrade items, but needed a source for the wood porch baluster replacement.  They wanted the size and design to be as close to the original as possible, while meeting railing heights required by modern building codes.  Our CNC pro made some CAD drawings for their approval, and we were off and running.  We stock enough material to handle large quantities, so the lead time remains short even on long runs of turned balusters.  No waiting for milling, kiln drying, surfacing, and trucking of the material.  It’s right here in our shop ready to go.

Call the professionals at American Porch when the job calls for wood porch baluster replacement.

Update 7/11/19: K.O. of GCH Construction writes: “We still have some trim work to do… but off to a good start.  Looks great, see attachment.  Nice picture of how the Sheridan VA project is going.”