Polyurethane Balustrade Specifications

To download the Polyurethane Balustrades 3 part Specifications in Word (.doc) format for easy inclusion in your plans, click American Porch Polyurethane Balustrade Specifications (.doc)

The 3 part spec for our urethane balustrades is also listed below:


Structural, High-Density Polyurethane Railing System (Balustrades)

SECTION 06 81 00


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Technical information for specified equipment may be reviewed here.

Manufacturers video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2jl2xhmk6Q92LKBdym0xQw

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  • Edit the following paragraphs to include only those items specified in this section.
    1. Section Includes:

1.       Structural polyurethane balustrade systems

2.       Components and accessories

  • Coordinate the following paragraphs with Sections specified in the project manual.
      1. [Section 03 30 00 – Cast in Place Concrete]
      2. [Section 06 10 00 – Rough Carpentry]
      3. [Section 06 15 00 – Wood Patio Decking]
      4. [Section 06 20 00 – Finished Carpentry]
      5. [Section 06 53 00 – Plastic Decking]
      6. [Section 09 91 00 – Painting]

Action submittals require responsive action by the Architect.  The below submittals are recommended, add, update or delete as required for project.

  1. Product Data: Technical data, physical properties and installation instructions for each component.
  2. Color Charts: Exterior grade, commercial paint coloring data.
  3. Warranty: Installers written warranty certificate or statement.


  1. Installer: Manufacturers approved installer certificate and installers experience statement.


  1. Structure Testing: Manufacturers testing report by third party testing agency.
    1. Manufacturer Qualifications:
      1. Minimum of 5-years documented experience producing specified materials.
      2. Fabricates structural polyurethane balustrades and railing systems.
    2. Installer Qualifications:
      1. Minimum 5-years documented installation experience of specified materials.
      2. Manufacturer approved installer.
    3. Single Source Responsibility:
      1. Materials from a single manufacturer for each component and warranty.


  1. Pre-Installation Conference: Convene on site and to review the following:
  2. Areas of installation.
  3. Framing and rough carpentry.
  4. Connections to adjacent surfaces.
  5. Structural requirements and anchoring locations.
  6. Review mock-up for approval.


  1. Mock-Up:
  2. Full-size mock up erected at site, to verify color, workmanship and installation details.
  3. Complete assembly, color, sheen and model extending a minimum of 5-feet.
  4. Must be approved, prior to proceeding with installation of materials.
  5. Immediately remove non-conforming work and re-install mockup at the direction of Architect.
  6. Approved materials may remains as part of finished installation when approved by Architect.
  • FIELD CONDITIONS Temperature and humidity requirements are based on structural adhesive for fabricating the system on site.
    1. Temperatures above 20°F and humidity less than 50% relative humidity.
    1. Deliver, store, and handle materials following manufacturer instructions.
    2. Immediately notify manufacturer of damaged or defective materials for replacement.
    3. Store materials are above grade and protected from sun, water, snow and damage prior to installation.
  1. Installer to warrant installation for a period of 5-years for defects.  Repair or replace materials during warranty period at no cost to Owner.


  • This Section has been developed based on the below manufacturer. Adding additional manufacturers will require updating text and specification assistance. Contact Western Spindle for assistance.
    1. Basis of Design: Western Spindle, LLC. 310 6th Street, Townsend, MT Toll Free: (888) 459-9965 westernspindle.com; email: [email protected]


  • Edit the following if substitutions will be permitting.
    1. Substitutions: Not permitted. [Approved Alternate]
    1. Balustrade System: High-Density, polyurethane based, exterior grade, structural railing system.
      1. Poly Top Rail: Containing aluminum or PVC pipe for structural strength.

Visit manufacturers website for selecting top and bottom railing styles.  Manufacturer offers limited styling options for 3-5/8 inch railings.  Website: https://www.americanporch.com/product-category/railing-synthetic/ for details.

  1. Style: [Smooth] [Peaked] [3-5/8 inch standard style]
  2. Lengths: Maintain structural requirements, avoiding partial cuts and seams.
  3. Width: [3-5/8 inch] [5-1/2inch] [7-1/4 inch] [12 inch]
  4. Top of rail Height: [36 inch] [42 inch] [Add custom height]

Visit manufacturers website for Spindle styling at https://www.americanporch.com/product-category/balusters-spindles-synthetic/

  1. Poly Spindle:
  2. Style: [Revival] [Victorian] [Classic]
  3. Length: 26 inches
  4. Size: 3-1/2 inches
  5. Poly Bottom Rail:
  6. Style: [3-5/8 inch standard style] [Bottom] [Classic Bottom Rail] [Revival Bottom Rail]
  7. Lengths: Maintain structural requirements, avoiding partial cuts and seams.
  8. Width: Matching top rail style.

Visit manufacturers website for available styles https://www.americanporch.com/product-category/newel-posts-synthetic/

  1. Newel Posts: For anchoring railing system
  2. Style: [Turned Newel Post] [Smooth Newel Post] [Raised Panel Newel]
  3. Width:  [4 inch] [5-1/2 inch] [8 inch] [9 inch] [10 inch] [12 inch]
  4. Block Trim:  [2-1/8 inch] [10-3/4 inch]

Visit manufacturers website for available post cap, finials styles:  https://www.americanporch.com/product-category/post-caps-finials/

  1. Post Cap: [Flat] [Peaked] [Classic]
  2. Finial:
  3. Ball Top: [2-7/8 inch] [3-1/2inch] [5 inch] [7 inch] [8 inch] [9 inch] [10 inch] [12 inch]
  4. Decorative:
  5. Style:  [add manufacturers style number based on catalog]
  6. Size:     [add height]
  7. Base Diameter: [add base size]
    1. Poly Rail Install kit: Manufacturers standard hardware kit for fastening railings to a newel, column or wall.
      1. Brackets
      2. Bolts
      3. Nuts
      4. Washers
      5. Screws

Select the floor surface for fastening newel and bottom railings.

  1. Newel Installation kit: Top-down fastening of newel posts, no visible hardware.
  2. Installation Surface: [Wood Deck] [Concrete]
  3. Adhesive: Polyurethane, single-component based adhesive PL premium construction adhesive by Loctite.
  4. Paint and Coatings: Exterior grade, commercial paint color as selected by Architect.


  1. Fit, shape, and assemble components in largest practical sizes, joining components with tightly fitted and secured joints.
  2. Top rails to be installed without splices, joints and avoiding partial cuts.
  3. Provide components required for anchoring, fastening and maintaining structural requirements.
      1. Examine materials, installation surfaces, and review manufacturers instructions on site.
      2. Verify mock-up and paint coloring has been approved.
      3. Verify substrates and adjacent surfaces are level and plumb for installation.
        1. Do not begin work until construction has progressed to allow installation of materials.
      4. Installation deems acceptance of work for a warranted installation.
  1. Install according to manufacturers written instructions.


  1. Remove contaminates from surfaces and apply paint within 30 days of installation.
  2. Verify Architects approved paint material and color selection.


  1. Protect surface, corners and components from damage prior to Owner occupancy using temporary protection.


  • Illustration
  • Basic diagram of how a balustrade (railing) system components interconnect. Contact Western Spindle (888) 459-9965 for additional information or assistance. Email: [email protected]