Montana Made: American Porch of Townsend

A Montana business based in Townsend is leaving its mark on historic homes across the country.

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A Montana business based in Townsend is leaving its mark on historic homes across the country.

This week’s Montana Made report features American Porch which was founded by Adam MacDonald more than a decade ago. He’s managed to turn his garage business into a nationwide supplier of a specialized porch and rail fixtures.

“We get told all the time, this is going out style this and that, but when customers find us they say “Oh you have no idea how long I’ve been looking for this!” MacDonald said.

American Porch provides custom and historically accurate porch railings, spindles and other features for homes. MacDonald, his wife, and their team of employees work out of a shop in Townsend.

“You know 99 out of 100 orders go out of state so if you can see them up close, we say, It’s beautiful, we should do this more often,” laughed MacDonald.

One of the shop’s specialties is Victorian style spindles. MacDonald says they’ve provided tens of thousands historically accurate spindles for porches across the U.S. and Canada.

“Classic robust, architecturally correct, historic porch railing can be very difficult to find,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald and his team can even take damaged original work and reproduce the design.

The process starts with a digital design sent to a computer attached to a lathe. A block of cedar or other material is then inserted into the machine. a computer then mills down the wood and then it gets some last minute finishing work.

“You know, you can train how to operate equipment, processes and what not, but you cannot train work ethic, integrity, honesty. To be able to operate in a community where that is just in-grown, you know its bunch of farming and ranching people,” MacDonald said. “It’s a great place to do business.”

MacDonald says his business has grown each year since he started it and has even been featured in Victorian Homes magazine. As for his own home, MacDonald says he has no plans to leave Townsend.

“We can be anywhere, we can be in Oregon, we can be in New York or we can be in Townsend, Montana, but we choose to be here,” MacDonald concluded.

Source: KPAX – Montana Made: Western Spindle of Townsend

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