New Deck Railing Featuring Sawn Cedar Balusters

G.B. of Olympia, WA writes:

“Adam, here are photos of our new porch.  [We] just finished painting this morning.  I might add some more trim to the newel posts to doll them up a bit, but we are very happy with the railing and your products.  Check out our great new granite step!”
New Porch 750p  Western Spindles 750pCheck out the new granite step 750p
Adam: “Wow G.!  The white rail is truly eye catching!  I love the stone step, my ancestors were stone masons and there is still a lot of cut stone architecture in central Montana from their work.  We would be honored if, with your permission, we could use your nice pictures in some of our marketing materials.  We would of course keep your information completely private.  Thanks for the pictures G.  Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.”
G.: “Yes, please do use those photos.  I’d be proud to see our project in your adverts.  Glad you liked our granite step.  Have a look at our columnar basalt driveway marker!  My carpenter buddy who helped me with the porch is  – in real life – actually a stone sculptor.  I have a number of balusters left over, and next spring we’ll get a few more, plus more railing parts, and do the back porch.  Thanks again, and all the best,  G.”