Custom Spindle/Baluster Length vs. Standard Lengths

New construction porch balustradePeople ask us all the time: “Can you make a custom spindle length, or do we need to order the next larger length and cut them down?”  The answer: “No problem!”

This is a common situation.  You’ll notice on our spindle product listings, there are usually only three lengths listed: 20″, 26″, and 32″.  These lengths were selected because they work very well with our Porch Rail Systems to give you the most commonly desired finished railing height.  But homes are often as unique as the homeowners themselves, which is why we offer custom lengths.  In this example, the customer was able to save some time and money by having us make the spindles at 28″ tall.  Shorter lengths are less expensive to produce, plus the installer doesn’t need to take the time to cut each spindle.

This is one of the reasons why we have “standard” items vs. “stock” items.  Our products are made to order rather than produced and then stored until they’re sold.  In this way, we are able to tailor the product to each customer.  Also, stocking products is very expensive.  In typical situations, the cost of carrying stock is of course passed on to the customers.  Although it means it takes 3 weeks to get your products, we have chosen to remain flexible to the customer needs, and cost effective as well.

So if you’re scratching your head wondering how to fit a square peg in a round hole, STOP!  Give us a call and we’ll round out the peg, making your life easier and leaving you more time to enjoy that porch.

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