Priming for Wood Porch Products and Millwork

Should you order your new porch materials pre-primed?

At American Porch, we do our level best to provide customers with everything they need to complete their porch project. Whether it’s customizing spindles to perfectly recreate an existing porch system, or putting all the required hardware together in a convenient Rail Installation Kit, we strive to make things easier.

One such option, found on our website and in our catalog, is Priming. It’s a convenience, plain and simple. If you’re building or restoring a fine porch of Victorian-era architecture, chances are good that you’ll be painting your railing, newel posts, and spindles/balusters. Many folks paint their balustrade a classic white, while others choose to decorate with bands of vibrant color to accent.

Finished Porch Spindles in Chicago, ILOur synthetic millwork products (high density Polyurethane, aka Poly or Urethane) are simply primed as the final part of the manufacturing process.  Wood millwork should be primed before installation and you have the option of having it done in our shop, or doing it yourself.  We offer priming as an option because we know that customers are anxious to install their porch products as soon as the crate arrive.

When we prime your wood products, we spray EVERY SURFACE with the highest-quality oil-based, flat white primer. Also, our primer is a very slow drying primer which allows ample time for it to deeply soak into the wood before curing.  This means your wood millwork products have the absolute best protection against the elements.  We’ve tested and tested, and our primer is the best there is. It supports all types of premium exterior paint, and it absorbs slightly into the wood surfaces to offer increased protection, product stability, and paint adhesion.

A word to the wise: Be wary of wood porch products that ONLY come as pre-primed. We offer the exact same beautiful porch products in both primed and unprimed as a convenience to our customers, not to cover up imperfect products with a heavy coat of paint. Unfortunately, not all porch products (or customers) are treated this well.

Advantages of ordering your millwork pre-primed:

  • Allows for immediate installation upon arrival.Painted Porch Spindles, Railing
  • Requires only one visit (and one bill) from your painter.
  • Stabilizes your porch products against changes in weather during shipping and installation.
  • Ensures that whatever paint product you choose will adhere properly and look great.


The priming option can be found on each individual product listing as a drop down menu.  If you are ordering custom products or otherwise prefer to order over the phone, just let us know and we’ll add it to your order.