Multi-colored Porch Spindles in Butte, MT

Want ideas for your exterior painting project? This home in Butte, MT shows that when done right, a beautiful paint scheme can really set the property apart.

Revival Porch Spindles
Revival Porch Spindles

While a little extra time was involved in the painting of this porch, you can see the final effect is very stunning.  They’ve used our 4×20″ and 3 1/2 x 26″ Revival Porch Spindles with the 6″ 4-piece Porch Rail System, both in premium Western Cedar.

2 Story Porch Railings
2 Story Porch Railings

Yes, there is still snow in Butte, MT.  But then, a true Montanan would never let a few measly feet of snow get in the way of an exterior restoration project!

Note this homeowner used the 20″ spindles on the lower porch for a 30″ top rail height.  Codes required a taller 36″ top rail height on the upper deck, so she used our 26″ spindles and the same 4-piece Porch Rail System to achieve it.

We’d love to see your examples!


2 thoughts on “Multi-colored Porch Spindles in Butte, MT”

    1. Great question. The customer finish painted these spindles so we don’t have information on how these were finished specifically. However we have seen customers make a simple jig that holds the spindle between two nails, allowing the painter to spin the spindle while painting. A good professional paint store will have recommendations as to what size/style of brush or applicator to use for this purpose. Hope that helps!

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